Keeping Your Online Data Safe

You need to use the services of a professional cyber security services company to protect your valuable data as well as the data your clients. You might have hosted your website on a secure server boasting of 128 bit encryption, but that does mean that the data therein is safe. If an individual whose computer is infected with specific viruses or malware logs into your online store, and the virus or malware can find its way from his computer to your server, you can rest assured that there will be an infringement of data security. In such a scenario, the coder of the malware or virus can easily retrieve data such as details of the credit and debit card of your customers and pass it on to the perpetrator of the crime. You can be sure that this will tarnish the reputation of your business, and one fine day you will find that you have no clients left.

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Danger to your online business

Potential abuse of the private data of your client can pose a danger to your online business. Once your clients find out, with the help of professionals, that the data leak took place from your website, they will no longer visit it, and warn their friends, colleagues, and relatives too against visiting your online portal, resulting in huge losses to your business. Apart from this, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which replaced the DPD (Data Protection Directive) in Spring 2018 (May 25, 2018 to be precise), will become the primary law that regulates the way companies will protect the personal data of citizens of the European Union. This means that companies, which are compliant with the old directive, have to ensure that they are in compliance too with the new directives before the same became effective. Companies that have failed to accomplish compliance with the GDPR prior to its deadline will be subject to stiff fines in the form of penalties. This acts like a double whammy. You have to pay stiff penalties & fines, and run the risk of losing your loyal clients as well. Therefore, it is in the interest of your business that you ensure that your website is GDPR compliant immediately.

Other laws

There are several other laws in place that demand that your website is free of risks and protects the data of your clients. You can find out in depth details about GDPR and other data security laws governing the European Union by searching the web. For now, your primary focus should be on protecting the data of your existing clients. It is not possible for the common person to check for security breaches on his or her website. If you have opted for a managed hosting plan, the agency hosting your website would have taken care of these issues by installing security patches and updating the operating system of the server to the latest version. Individuals who have not opted for a managed hosting plan should seek help from a reputable cyber security services company having a proven track record.