10 best e-readers of 2022: From Kindle to Kobo


E-readers will never replace the classic feel of paper pages, and we would never want them to. But that doesn’t mean eReaders aren’t incredibly useful and handy tools.

After all, if you’re a bookworm, you fully understand the difficulty of running out of space on your shelf or lugging books of books on your next vacation. An e-reader is the answer to all your book-related problems.

With just one eReader, you can access thousands of books, making eReaders the perfect companion by the pool, on the road, and at home.

Although e-readers are not as cheap as a single book on the market, it is all the more important to choose the right device for you.

To help you find the best eReaders of 2022, we’ve rounded up our all-time favorite options. Brands range from Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Onyx Boox.

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A favorite among many readers is the Kindle. Choose between black or white and enjoy an anti-glare screen that looks like paper, even when exposed to sunlight. Do you feel the screen is too bright or too dark? Then just adjust the brightness. Even better, a single battery charge will last you weeks instead of the usual hours.

Let’s say you’re the type who likes to write in your books. Or maybe you’re not. Either way, we guarantee you’ll appreciate the ability to highlight passages, look up definitions, adjust text size, and more.

When you buy a Kindle, you’ll also get access to over two million eBooks with three free months of Kindle Unlimited ($30 value). After your three months are up, your subscription will be $9.99 per month.

But the Kindle doesn’t start and end with reading. You can also listen to audiobooks with Audible, and here we have the perfect summary to start your listening journey.

Front and rear reading lights with black trim

If you love the Kindle, you’ll love the Kindle Paperwhite even more.

This model features a 6.8″ screen, thinner bezels than before, eye-friendly adjustable warm light, 20% faster page turns, and 10-week battery life. We know, it’s crazy.

If you’re a poolside reader, things are about to get better, as the Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof. So go ahead and read at the beach, in the bath or in the hot tub.

The Kindle Paperwhite also offers the same features you know and love from the original Kindle, including Audible accessibility and three free months of Kindle Unlimited.

Black and white reading lamp

Get everything you know and love about the original Kindle Paperwhite with an upgrade.

With the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, you’ll get wireless charging, an auto-adjusting front light, 32GB of storage and more. The anti-glare screen also reads like real paper and withstands even strong lighting.

Reading lamp with gray cover

We just had to add another Kindle model, because the Kindle Oasis is too good to pass up.

Yes, it has the iconic paper white screen, adjustable warm lights and is waterproof. But best of all, the Kindle Oasis includes the latest e-ink technology for the fastest page turns yet. You can also use the page change buttons for an even more seamless approach.

Of course, we can’t forget the compatible Audible features and the free three months of Kindle Unlimited.

Reading lamp with black border

Barnes & Noble fans, we haven’t forgotten your mascot.

The Nook is another favorite that lets you read comfortably day or night. How do we know? Well, the Nook doesn’t offer night mode for some reason.

The Nook design is also soft to the touch and allows for easy grip. Buttons for turning pages also contribute to a smooth reading experience.

Reading lamp with black border

Reviewers love Kobo, and some even say it’s better than Kindle. Are they right? There’s only one way to find out. But in the meantime, we can tell you that the ComfortLight PRO technology allows perfect brightness day and night.

With weeks of battery life, you can also confidently take thousands of books with you on the go. When you start your e-reading journey, you will also unlock perfect pages like customizable paper and fonts, margins and built-in dictionary.

7. Kobo Libra 2, $159, original price: $180

Black and white reading lamp

Ready to enjoy fast page turns, anti-glare display, deep contrast and blue light reduction? If so, the Kobo Libra 2 might be the perfect eReader for you.

The Kobo Libra 2 also supports Kobo audiobooks, making it the perfect hands-free reading option.

Reader with tree on the page

The Onyx Boox eReader is priced higher than most, but for good reason.

With high definition, stunning contrast and fast operating speed, the Onyx Book eReader stands out from the crowd. Best of all, it comes with a built-in browser to let you surf the web seamlessly.

But let’s say you don’t want to surf the web and all you want to do is read. Well, the Onyx Book eReader works with the Android operating system, which allows you to install all your favorite reading apps and programs.

This eReader also features light and brightness control for light and dark reading, multi-touch capability, and an ergonomic case and cover.

9. Fire 7 tablet, $30, original price: $50

Amazon Fire tablet with apps on the front

Although the Fire tablet isn’t technically an e-reader, it more than does the trick.

Choose from four different colors and enjoy a fast quad-core processor and up to seven hours of playtime. You can also browse the web, watch videos, listen to music and podcasts, use Alexa, and access the front and rear cameras.

However, it’s important to note that the Fire tablet is less eye-friendly given that it’s not an e-reader.

Black and white reading lamp

Although this eReader does not have a well-known brand name, it works just as well.

Link your Google accounts, enjoy a bezel-less design, use dark mode to reduce eye strain, support for various file formats and more. This eReader also comes with built-in speakers, which means you can enjoy audiobooks as well as e-books.

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