10 Best Ending Zones In Sonic The Hedgehog


You can always count on Sonic The Hedgehog games for a few things: speed, loops, and an epic space battle. The series spans thirty years, and multiple platforms are bound to have more than a few memorable areas. While not all of them are as polished as Chaos Emeralds (looking at you, Sonic 06), that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain levels in a game that aren’t worth at least a little of marching band.

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Also, what’s wrong with Dr. Robotnik/Eggman building a giant robot in space? The logistics must be terrible, but more than that, he has no victory using this tactic. You would think that he would learn from the first few times to be a genius scientist, but this is not the case, and it is very likely that he will start again.


ten 3D Sonic Blast

The first foray into three-dimensional space, Sonic 3D Blast takes an isometric perspective with controls that feel smooth to play, despite the slight learning curve and slippery feel of the controls. Level design was on par with older titles, if not slightly bland. The final level seems to fall into the bland spectrum of in-game levels; the area’s color scheme was beige and gray after all.

Once you get to the final boss, however, the mood easily changes from a bland room to a neon-lined room with just the two of you for the ultimate showdown once and for all (again). The room forces you to pay attention to Robotnik and what he is doing, as the ground is only activated by the Evil Egg itself. It’s a fair fight, but the atmosphere and the music are what make it memorable.

9 Electric Egg Zone – Sonic Chaos

This level has it all: a post-apocalyptic hellscape cast in metal and neon lights, a musical soundtrack to pump you up and dread the upcoming boss battle, and… ducks. They are robotic and seek to harm you, but they are ducks nonetheless.

It’s everything Dr. Eggman dreams of and more. The fun part of its design is that the level has a Metroidvania feel with its hidden paths and tunnels that you can only pass through in rotation. It’s not original to the series of course, but it felt like a love letter to the genre while giving that Sonic vibe of being inside Eggman’s final trap.

8 Final Zone – Sonic Advance

Another metallic level done to the questionable tastes of Dr. Eggman, this one is short and straight to the point, but what makes this final area stand out is the boss battle that takes place. As usual with Eggman, he demands that the final battle take place between the curvature of the planet and its many stars, but in Advance the battle begins with two huge callbacks to the original games on Genesis.

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Of course, each battle is much shorter and the egg man goes down in three hits instead of eight – but once the music kicks in, the old nostalgia feeling does the same and you’ll be dancing in no time. . His final form is customized for Sonic Advance 3 but fits in well with previous battles.

seven Death Egg Zone – Sonic 3 and Knuckles

There’s not much that stands out about this area from other metal end areas in other games (go Dr. Eggman, be original!), except for the ending. The music is surprisingly subdued compared to other games in the series: a steady eight-beat beat with bass overlay, and aside from the area scale, it doesn’t stand out from other dystopian Death Egg releases. which already exists.

Until you reach the boss, the music starts to turn into something new, and Dr. Eggman’s biggest robot appears, flailing his hedgehog-sized fingers with murderous intent. The boss music works overtime, setting the stage for that “final” showdown between rivals.

6 Deep Core – Sonic Rush Adventure

Dr. Eggman finally tries something (somehow) new in this sequel to the 2005 Nintendo DS game Sonic Rush. This stage deserves a shout out because it’s the rare occasion the Egg Lord chooses elsewhere to build his secret layer. Of course, it’s hard to say if this was a better choice than outer space, given that it’s held deep in the planet’s crust and therefore surrounded by hot magma.

You and your partner, Princess Blaze the Cat, team up to stop Eggman and the pirates from ruining the Blaze Dimension, and while you can team up with other partners in battle, there’s no one better to save a kingdom than the queen herself. The lava area is fast and frenetic, but nothing our blue hedgehog hasn’t handled before.

5 Sonic And Egg Duo – Sonic Advance 3

This scene and this fight must have weighed on our egg-shaped villain in Sonic Advance 3. See, the creation that Dr. Egg built went rogue after losing to Sonic, so he steals the Chaos Emeralds and attacks Eggman before escaping into space (a habit carried over from Dr. Eggman no doubt).

Losing control of his creation forces Eggman to temporarily team up with rival Sonic to stop his creation once and for all. It’s an extremely rare opportunity to see two rivals such as Sonic and Eggman team up, but it’s a fun and intense battle. Plus, you can grab the doc and throw it at the enemy, so you’re doing your best multitasking in this fight.

4 Final Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog

The origin of all the final areas in the series, there was no way it would be omitted from this list. It’s the prototype for every final zone you’ve encountered while playing any Sonic title. The music is a heavier version of the typical boss battle with more instruments layered over the original track, which in turn gives the scene a sense of finality. The boss fight, however, let’s just say it left a lot to be desired.

It seems the Egg Meister didn’t have a plan by the time Sonic finally reached his final layer, so he decided to hide in some giant pistons (for a robot in progress, no doubt) and use guns on the ceiling to do his dirty work for him. . Luckily, Egg Robotnik learned from this encounter and built something he could actively fight against. However, everything he learned is up for debate, considering all the space bases afterward.

3 Death Egg Zone Mk. 1 – Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It’s not normally called a mark one, but the death egg has been remade so many times after this initial release that it’s only fair to clarify which death egg we’re talking about when talking about space bases. This last area is probably the shortest, as there are only two rooms, and both contain boss fights. It’s the little details that matter here, like Dr. Eggbotnik peeking out the window as he watches you and Metal Sonic battle it out.

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Once that fails, Sonic chases Eggman (who is somehow faster than Sonic?) and follows him into the room that houses the first and smallest of Dr. Eggman’s giant robot army. At first, it looks like it’s going to be tough to take him down, but once you find out his weak spot was also his cockpit, you knew it was going to be easy once you dodged his murderous hand.

2 Titanic Monarch – Sonic Mania

The most recent 2D game in the series, Sonic Mania was created by Christian Whitehead in collaboration with PagodaWest Games and was known in the Sonic community for creating mods and hacks for older Sonic games, making it a match made in heaven 16 bit. . To call this game a love letter would be to underestimate the team’s passion for the series.

The final level holds nothing back in terms of design and music, but the real star of the level is Dr. Eggman himself. He’s no longer held back using only giant mechs and space itself as his weapon. This time he scales it down and uses a suit that fits his body and harnesses the power of the Phantom Ruby, the game’s McGuffin, and uses it to teleport Sonic and Tails to different parts of the map. Watching the growth this villain has been going through from the first game until now will bring tears to your eye.

1 Doomsday Zone – Sonic and Knuckles

You must already be thinking that it’s already been mentioned on this list, and you’d be right, at least in part. You see, the Death Egg area and the Doomsday area are related and technically the same area. However, the apocalyptic fight deserves its place on the list for the simple fact that it was the first time you could chase Eggman and be able to catch him.

Everything about this area is spot on: the vibe and tone, music and mechanics are all geared to make this section as hectic as it looks. One could also argue that this is the first time Super Sonic hasn’t felt completely overpowered and you have to fight to stay in the zone (no pun intended).

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