10 Genuine Student TikTokers to Follow Now


ver the years, we’ve seen an influx of content creators, with Google searches for “how to become an influencer” increasing 5,000% over the last half-decade.

However, these budding creators face stiff competition, as Gen Z social users are much pickier than their Gen Y counterparts, according to student discount app Student Beans.

“Gen Z inherited a filtered, perfect lifestyle from the Instagram era that was mostly unreachable, unrealistic and potentially damaging,” says Ruby Soave, influencer marketing manager at Student Beans. “They crave honesty and truthfulness in the online content they consume – they want to be able to trust, respect and be inspired by the creators they follow and interact with.”

A recent study by the app found that fashion influencers are most popular among Gen Z, with lifestyle, comedy, gaming and fitness personalities following. But more specific niches like mental health, entrepreneurship, education, and environmental makers are also becoming increasingly popular among younger social users.

Meanwhile, where a subgenre doesn’t exist, Gen Z is creating its own. “For example, ‘edutainment’ content is becoming increasingly popular, combining education and entertainment – the perfect mix to engage this connected generation,” continues Soave. “Young people understand the importance of values ​​being naturally and genuinely demonstrated in the content. As platform diversification continues – with TikTok leading the way – Gen Z is learning how to make these themes both entertaining and engaging.

According to a recent survey of 1,175 people between the ages of 16 and 24 conducted by Voxburner, Student Beans’ youth news agency, more than three-quarters of Gen Z scrollers would prefer to follow influencers with similar,” while four in five are also keen to see more diversity in paid promotions.

“When we asked our student users how an influencer could do it ‘right’, Gen Z answered loud and clear: they want creators to be transparent in their reviews, paid promotions, and everyday lives,” it adds. she.

Using this research, the platform has gathered 10 of the best student TikTokers to follow right now.


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“Gen Z is absolutely trend-driven and fashion is at its very core. On TikTok, Isabelle shares videos on everything from how to style a Y2K outfit to how to recreate a celebrity’s iconic cut. Fashion designers succeed when they break down their style tips into versatile hacks that can work for any wardrobe or aesthetic, just like Isabelle does.

“Beauty is a form of self-expression for much of Gen Z, allowing them to experiment with new styles, including the art of drag. One such performer is Feebeye, a regular Student Beans creator and a 21-year-old drag queen with purple-hued makeup. ”

“TikTok creator Rowan realistically documents her student life as a fine arts student. By letting her followers in and offering a peek through the keyhole of a creative degree, Rowan’s is a separate account.

“Gen Z is a natural digital native, so it’s no surprise that creators like Rumman are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s providing high-quality, authentic reviews of tech products to help its followers making the right purchase or sharing how he achieved his game setup, Rumman’s passion for his niche makes him one to watch.

“Many young Britons are passionate about sustainability and social change; and are increasingly choosing to follow those who use their platform to defend it. Creators like Emma authentically show what a healthy, sustainably influenced life can look like, championing delicious vegan recipes and always opting for cruelty-free makeup.

“Being a student can be quite intimidating financially. Creators like Kaira are changing the game by making financial literacy and business creation more accessible. By unpacking complex concepts surrounding money and entrepreneurship, Gen Z can gain confidence in these areas before entering the world of post-graduation adult life.

“It’s not just college students who are taking TikTok by storm – creators like Ishaan are using their platform to document life during A-levels, and all the sixth-grade stress that comes with it. study, travel tips and other tips for navigating sixth grade life.

“Honesty around topics like mental health and disabilities can help break the taboo around them. Jess documents their life with ASD and ADHD in an effort to create a safe space for others to feel at home. comfortable with being vulnerable about their struggles and experiences.

“With the world constantly changing around them, Gen Z likes to get away from it all. And with so many creators on our social platforms, scrollers can really find their own niche of personal content. Book-stagramers Self-proclaimed Instagrammers and “book-tokers of Tik Tok” like Megs organize online communities for knowledge-hungry teens who want to share their love of literature.

“Social media is now for work and play. Growing up in a digital world, many young people now find it easier to study online rather than with a textbook, which is why Hossein’s revision tips on Tik Tok are proving so popular.


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