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In my late teens, YouTube beauty community was furious. And I was obsessed. With tips from YouTubers like NikkieTutorials, Shani Grimmond, and Manny Mua, I diligently honed my dipbrows, Kylie lips, and baking technique after school, hoping to impress my friends at the next party. at home.

Now almost 10 years later and in the dust of the infamous YouTube Beauty’dramageddon‘, TikTok is now facilitating a new generation’s foray into makeup. Often the algorithm gets it right, but sometimes the beauty trends that go viral on TikTok seem to do so simply because of their eye-catching ability, rather than offering educational value.

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Of course, I’m no expert. Maybe the makeup artists in the industry really are rub lube on their face as a primer. To find out for sure, I turned to Rob Povey, a professional makeup artist with 15 years of makeup under his belt. When it comes to learning how to apply makeup from TikTok, he warns to take everything with a grain of salt.

“If something seems like a bit of crap, it probably is,” he says. “But if you really want to learn how to do makeup, make an appointment with a professional makeup artist and they should be able to empower and educate you.”

Rub in excess

@meredithduxburyComment below which makeup trend you want me to try next! 😱🤪💗♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

“No makeup artist would do makeup like this. I’m all for using your hands, they’re really nice for warming the product up and melting it into the skin. Using your hands to apply makeup makes a lot of it go away, because your fingers soak up half the product. But in this case, it’s so much product.

” I want to say, [it’s] your personal choice – wear as much or as little makeup as you want. She just doesn’t need that much product at all to make it flawless.

“She is also under a very strong ring light, which blows out the texture. If you saw this makeup in less than perfect lighting, it would be [appear] thus aging and exposing all blemishes and blemishes. The more foundation you wear, the more obvious the texture is on your skin. And not to mention the consumerist aspect of wasting so much product.

The Cullen Jaw Effect

@mikaylanogueira @rachelocoolmua made me put highlighter on my jawline 😂😂 #reconcile #beauty #DuetDoWet #makeup tutorial ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira

“I’ve never seen anyone refer to a jawline highlight in the industry. I would never use a shimmer on the jawline because it won’t be flattering and will make you sweat.

“But when it comes to highlighting the areas of your face that you want to highlight, it’s just an old-school theater makeup technique. It’s 101 of contouring that makeup artists have been using since almost a century to accentuate all the areas we want, with lights and shadows.

“Placing a bit of light in this area with powder, or a tiny bit of lighter concealer next to your jawline, will create a really nice contrast between the two and add some depth.”

Actual filters

@nikkietutorials it changes everything! #for you #fyp #transformation @mikaylanogueira ♬ original sound – nikkietutorials

“Contouring is simply adjusting the proportions of your face. You can, under really specific lighting designed to emphasize the dimensions of your face, really play with where the shadows fall.

“In theory, placing your contour higher than where your natural cheek hollows are will ‘raise’ your cheekbone in a very directional light. In broad daylight, it will look unnatural. You are going to have a contour sitting on the highest part of your face and making it quite ruddy. If it’s just for a photo or a performance, you can definitely cheat.

“When it comes to blush, I really like blush on the temples and on the high points of the face, which is a bit of an 80s technique. But again, this technique will only have the looks flattering only in very specific lighting.

Slip and boot

@itsrady ✨☁️ #reconcile #fyp #makeuptips ♬ original sound – ssznn

“Lube will never work as a primer on its own, because there are no ingredients in lube that are going to act as a barrier between your makeup and your skin, or give you longevity – which most primers are. traditionally designed to do.

“Lube will definitely give you a rosy look on your face, so I don’t think there’s anything egregious about lube that you should never put on your face. I mean, it’s designed for the most sensitive parts of our skin. But that’s just not going to get you started in any way.

Color Mapping

@rikkisandhuu hands down one of the BEST contouring and highlighting techniques I have ever used!! 💗💗 #beautyhacks #makeuptips #contouring101 #for you ♬ original sound – ꧁𝐅𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐢 𝐀𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐨𝐬꧂

“It complicates the makeup routine unnecessarily. There’s no point in applying all these designs to the face other than it looks cute in a video and is fun to watch. It there is absolutely no other reason you would apply so much product, it’s so heavy and again it will only really look good in very harsh lighting.

“But where she puts the blush, it’s really fresh and fun, it makes the skin look a little younger and ‘imperfect’. Where she puts all the contours and the bronzed tones, again, you just have to think about it As for bronzer, this is where the sun would naturally hit your face, and the contour is where shadows would appear if you were standing under a downlight.

“Then highlighting is all about the areas you want to highlight most on your face, [like] the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the Cupid’s bow, even the jawline. There’s nothing wrong with where she places the products, I just think the whole design is superfluous.

An OTT lip liner

@kyliekillzzzz WHY I CONTOUR AROUND MY LIPS. Try this contouring technique, tag me and use the hashtag #lipcontourchallenge ♬ original sound – Kylie Larsen

“There are certain makeup artists who absolutely do that. Renowned makeup artist Scott Barnes is synonymous with the ‘J.Lo look’ and he absolutely uses that kind of technique.

“Again, that’s the basic theory of contouring. If you add shadow around the edges of the mouth, you’re going to create that nice contrast and make the lip look fuller. But you can make a much simpler version of this by just covering your lip and softening the edges, so that it’s not just a sharp line.Although it’s good to have a realistic understanding that no amount lip liner will never make you feel like a lip filler.

“You can definitely achieve the illusion of a more rounded pout with an uncovered lip liner or the contour technique, but I’d probably go a lot lighter.”

Sprinkle first

@leilanigreen Try this tiktok foundation hack! Do you think it’s better or the same? #viral #makeuphack #makeuptiktok ♬ original sound – Jarida🖤

“I’ve never done this because I’m of the theory that the powder will potentially create a ball of any cream or liquid product that follows it.

“But if you apply it very lightly and exclusively use a super fine, translucent powder (it can’t be a tinted powder or a powder that gives you extra coverage), I think it would be fine. C It’s just a little extra safety blanket if you’re very oily or have quite large pores.

Personally, I prefer to cut the shine after doing the makeup and select where I need to blend rather than having a full coat of matte. I rarely want everything flat and matte, I want a bit of light and glow on the skin.

‘Your Pperfect lip shadow’

@yokenziebDedication to all gworls♬ original sound – Kenzie B 🐝

“As a rule of thumb, choosing your eyebrow color as your lip line color probably isn’t great – especially if you’re blonde because blondes need a really ashy taupe color on the forehead, and that is not going to look good on the lip.

“But matching your blush to your lip color is great. It’s what we makeup artists would call a monochromatic look – where eyes, cheeks and lips are often in the same color family. colors. It’s just really, universally flattering.

“We’ve all been given the perfect lip color for our face. If you just want to highlight it and amp it up a bit, use lipstick or lip liner and balm in a slightly deeper pigment.

Fake freckles with root spray

@_ayshabegum_ IB: @Натали root spray like fake freckles #fake freckles #lorealrootspray #frecklehack #Beauty tips ♬ original sound – Aysha

“I saw [professional makeup artists] using root spray to get freckles. In some cases, people get a nice effect. For the average person, that’s too much of a risk.

“If you’ve just done full makeup, you’re tempting fate by spraying on something that’s designed to give opaque coverage. You would need such precision and luck to give you that “splatter” effect of fake freckles.

“I think with fake freckles it’s best to stick to the classics, like eye pencils and lip pencils. My favorite now is these eyebrow markers, [they] have that translucency that liners don’t have because they’re meant for brows. When you apply them to the skin, they melt and still let real skin show through.

“I would also say have at least two to three colors, and the key is not to be too perfect. [the application, the more natural it looks.”

White concealer 

@blumarinebaeRun! don’t walk 2 ulta ..🤭♬ original sound – Kevo

“As a blanket statement, white concealer is absolutely not going to be flattering on everyone, especially if you’re a person of colour.

“It’s such a hard contrast – which, again, if that’s your personal aesthetic, go crazy – but as a working makeup artist, I would say, you can go one shade lighter and it will give this brightening effect but pure white is going to look so unnatural. Unless you want an obviously white under-eye [area] as an aesthetic choice, personally, I would not.

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