20+ nails and Easter ideas for spring 2022


Put aside the greige and beige, it’s more time for fresh Easter nails. Think pretty pastels, floral accents and, for those who love this time of year, speckled egg-inspired nail art. Seriously, there is something for everyone.

“When I think of Easter, I think of pastels,” says Iram Shelton, Max Factor UK nail ambassador and manicurist. “These are soft, soothing colors that add the perfect pop of color without overdoing it.” In addition to spring, pastels are ideal summer nail colors that will accompany you through the seasons. “I’m using this time to clear out my winter wardrobe and reintroduce color into my life,” confirms Shelton.

If you already know how to paint your nails like a pro and prefer to do it alone, choose a design that’s fairly easy to DIY. Or, if you fancy something more intricate like a baby pastel French manicure, save this page and show your favorite design to a nail professional.

Ready for a new nail look? Park those moody wintry hues and get inspired with our roundup of the best Easter nails, guaranteed to put a spring in your step.


Easter egg nails

For a literal take on Easter nails, why not try recreating a speckled egg as an homage to our favorite treat: the mini chocolate egg. Simply apply the base color of your choice before painting the spots on top, for a step by step guide scroll to the end.

1. Easter egg tricks

Tap into the Easter egg trend with speckled French tips in a range of classic mini egg shades. For even more Easter vibes, why not add a set of bunny ears into the mix.

2. Classic Easter Egg Nails

This manicure almost looks good enough to eat. Matte, speckled and in a variety of soft, soft shades, this is the ultimate Easter nail design.

3. Red and White Speckled Mix

Not just for Easter, this cool nail look combines ruby ​​red nails on the one hand with speckled white and black nails on the other. So Chic.

4. French tricks for mini eggs

So sophisticated, we love these egg-inspired French life hacks. To add a golden touch, chrome pigments were used to paint in a line, separating the tip from the rest of the nail.

5. Marbled Egg Mini Manicure

How pretty is this marbled manicure? Pale pink swirls combined with white speckled nail art look romantic and elegant. If you want to recreate the look yourself, learn how to do gel nails at home for lasting results.

6. Pretty Polka Dots

If you’ve done snowflake nail art before, you can easily recreate this moody polka dot design which is a less literal version of Easter egg nail art.

7. Gray and Yellow Speckled Nails

Gray and yellow are the perfect color combination. Case in point: this very chic manicure with speckled nail art on an alternating base of pastel yellow and muted gray.

Easter nail art

“Pastel French tips, floral details and a dash of dots are my favorite Easter nail looks,” Shelton says. Want to experiment with Easter nail art at home? “The flowers are really pretty and super easy to recreate.”

8. Baby Blue French Tips

For a spring update on classic French tip nails, opt for sky blue tips instead of white. To take it up a notch, ask for those cute micro stars along the nail moons (i.e. the rounded shadows at the base of your nails).

9. Daisy Nail Art

Flowers are a signature spring nail design that always looks chic. Get inspired by these pretty pastel daisies in varying shades.

10. Mix and match green nails

As you may have already noticed, green is a must-have color trend for spring. Have fun and experiment with solid hues as well as dotted nail art for a cool finish.

11. Abstract Swirls

Swirls of pretty polish are an easy way to dial in your Easter nail look. Top tip? Try painting on different shapes and swirls for an organic, natural finish.

12. Lovely Bunny Tips

How adorable are these bunny tips? Great for almond shaped nails, we recommend saving this one for your next salon visit.

13. Love Heart Details

An Easter update on our favorite Valentine’s Day nails, Shelton showcases her must-have Max Factor pastel shades with this Easter French manicure, complete with pretty love heart detailing. We are obsessed.

14. Glitter Flowers

For that wow factor, take inspiration from one of our favorite influencers Melanie (aka @overglowedit) and adorn your nails with white flowers topped with silver gemstones.

Easter Nail Colors

Easter is a great excuse to experiment with colorful hues, from bold colors to pretty pastels. If you can’t choose a shade, follow Shelton’s advice. “I love pastel bowl manicures where you paint each nail a different color,” she says. “My favorite pastel polishes are Max Factor Miracle Pure Nail in Moonstone Blue, Cherry Blossom and Lemon Tea. It’s a great way to take your basic manicure to the next level.”

15. Pastel Keel Nails

This stimulating manicure is so easy to recreate at home. Simply select five different shades and paint them on each nail. We especially love peach and purple.

16. Pistachio tips

Pale pistachio green is the perfect polish for Easter. It’s a fresh, fun and lovely shade that goes with any summer wardrobe.

17. Milky Neutral Nails

Milky neutral nails have been trending for quite some time and we can totally see why. It creates a healthy “your nails only better” finish that looks great all year round. For best results, follow our 11 essential nail care tips before your manicure to get your nails in top shape.

18. Keel Nails

Beautiful and bright, this bowling-inspired manicure is ideal for those of us who aren’t afraid of color. Incorporate primary colors for maximum impact.

19. Lilac Lover

If you love lilac, you’ll love this pale purple manicure that has spring written all over it. A subtle statement that isn’t too bright, this is a great Easter nail color choice that looks just as good on the toes if you know how to do a pedicure at home.

20. Bold Blue

Dubbed ‘Bader blue’, this nail polish (which matches a certain £215 rich cream) has taken over our social media feed, spotted on myriad A-listers and nail influencers. Bold and bright, this is the “it” nail color of the season.

21. Tangerine Dream

Another essential color, orange (in all its varieties) should prevail this season. Tap into the Easter trend with vibrant mandarin greenhouses. And, for extra pizzazz, learn how to style rings to match your nails.

How to do Easter egg nail art step by step

Want to give some mini Easter egg nail art a boost? Follow Iram’s step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: “Start by painting each nail a different pastel color as a base.”
  • 2nd step: “Once you’ve nailed your base, decant some black nail polish onto a nail art palette or foil.”
  • Step 3: “Then using a fan nail brush, dip the brush in polish and gently dab it onto the base to recreate the speckled effect. You will need to do this several times to cover the entire nail and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, the spots should come in various shapes and sizes.
  • Step 4: “Add larger dots using a dotting tool or the tip of a bobby pin.”
  • Step 5: “Finally, apply a matte top coat to seal the design.”

woman&home thanks Iram Shelton, Max Factor UK Nail Ambassador, for his time and expertise.


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