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Violent Delights is a recap podcast where hosts Andrew Sorcini, Dwayne DeFreitas, and Tosin Onafowokan discuss HBO’s Westworld and the larger issues this ambitious show hopes to address.

In this week’s podcast, Andrew, Tosin and Dwayne deconstruct the first episode of Westworld‘s fourth season, “The Auguries”, as they ask: is host data exported from Westworld housed in the Hoover Dam data storage?, are there co-existing hosts in our real world, whose stories are secretly controlled by “Christina” and Olympiad Entertainment?, What is Haleores’ master plan with host data? And what’s up with those flies? !!


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to sum up

  • Mora watches Vegas through a window
  • Go to a meeting on the Hoover Dam.
  • William arrives in a drone.
  • We learn the Hoover Dam is being used to power something
  • William says what was stored there was stolen. He wants to buy the whole establishment.
  • His offer is rejected. And Mora returns home to find his house full of flies.
  • The next day, he enters and kills his acolytes. William is waiting for him. He gives the man permission to kill himself and the man does.
  • After an intro, we see Dolores, now a brunette, calling herself Christina and living in a New York apartment on the West Side with a roommate who pushes her out that night.
  • She receives unwanted calls on her cell phone.
  • She walks to work on the high line in a building called Olympiad Entertainment.
  • She begins to write the setting for a story and begins by describing her previous life as a farmer’s daughter.
  • She gets into trouble at work because her boss tells her he wants her to write more violent and outrageous content.
  • We find Maeve in a remote mountain enclave, reflecting on her time with her daughter, in Westworld, and with Caleb after the end of last season.
  • Caleb works in Los Angeles. In conversation with his colleague, we find that we are seven years after the riots that ended Season 3 and that the humans have more work to do now that the robots have been decommissioned.
  • Caleb meets his daughter near their house. He taught him to shoot and his wife is not happy about it, but they lead a happy life.
  • Maeve discovers she is being stalked and finds gunmen in her home. She takes them out and talks with the chef. It turns out the leader is a host and when Maeve hacks him, she realizes he was sent by the Man in Black and has other targets, like Caleb. She burns her place and leaves.
  • Dolores returns home after work. She is frightened by a shadow on her roof. On her fire escape, she sees an image of the Labyrinth.
  • Dolores meets her roommate, Maya, and goes on a blind date. In the bathroom, her telephone stalker threatens her.
  • On the way home, he assaults her, accusing her of writing him and many others into the games she is working on for Olympiad Entertainment. She is attacked and a stranger throws her attacker out of him.
  • Caleb gives his daughter story time and they go home. When she tells him she’s scared, he reminds her of army tactics like lighting up the perimeter.
  • He argues with his wife that Caleb might not be ready to live a normal life after his wartime.
  • As he takes out the trash, he discovers that his daughter has snuck out and a man is there with a gun, sent to kill him. Caleb sacrifices himself as a shield between the bullets and his baby girl, but before he can be shot, the shooter is killed from behind, by Maeve.
  • Caleb leaves her family with her to hunt William.
  • Dolores records a new pitch on her fire escape in the evening. Dissatisfied with the idea, she enters.
  • The camera pans to a man across the street, watching her. It’s Teddy Flood.



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