43 Times Kids Driven Their Parents Crazy By Absolutely Refusing To Eat The Food They Asked For


Here comes the soup train! Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo!

These are no ordinary cucumber slices, these are stars! Much more exciting than boring old circles, and they taste better. See?

No, no, it’s not spinach! It’s just green food coloring because I know green is your favorite color!

If you’re a parent, you know the difficulties that can arise when trying to convince a picky eater to try even one bite of the meal you’ve so lovingly prepared. But sometimes the frustrating task of trying to get kids to eat is hampered less by difficulty and more by confused or unrealistic expectations. Writer Lucy Huber recently tweeted about an experience she had with her two-year-old where he called all the shots while cooking dinner, then still refused to eat it…

Lucy’s tweet inspired hundreds of other parents to share similar stories when trying to feed their kids made them want to tear their hair out, so we’ve rounded up the most hilarious ones below. Be sure to upvote any tweets that you find painfully relatable, whether you’re a parent, have worked with children, or remember being the same as a child, then let us know. find out in the comments if you have any personal stories to share proving that we can never make kids eat what they don’t want. And then if you are interested in reading another article from bored panda presenting creative reasons children have found for refusing to eat, see this hilarious story Next.

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