5 tips to prevent your summer shoes from rubbing


If you’re troubled by the age-old problem of summer shoe chafing, you’re not alone. Summer isn’t all sun and lollipops, it can also be a frustrating time for those of us who struggle with warmer weather and prefer styles better suited to the colder months.

Anyone can keep up with the latest 2022 sunglasses trends, but choosing looks that will keep you cool and comfortable is a challenge we can all relate to – someone asked where get your hands on the best anti chafing shorts?

Whether you’re packing summer outfits for work or picking out your best swimsuits and beach cover-ups, keeping summer shoes from chafing can be a bit of a hassle.

Now, we’re not just talking about slippery sandals, even super glamorous examples like the best designer heels and casual offerings like the best white sneakers can present a problem.

Here are some tips to help prevent summer shoes from chafing and make sad feet a thing of the past.

1. Antiperspirant

Sweaty feet in sandals, or God forbid, are one of those mysterious anomalies that make it clear that no matter how low your shoe coverage, hot weather equals sweaty feet.

By applying an antiperspirant, you can avoid this problem, which is the main reason for chafing in summer shoes.

2. Heel pads

So maybe that’s not all that schvitzing, and instead of buying comfy flats, you accidentally bought a pair of shoes meant to leave your Achilles bright red. Or even worse – a pair that needs to be broken in.

In this case, get your hands on heel pads and avoid shredding your heels so you can enjoy the sun in peace.

3. Moleskin tape

A great choice for sandals and flip flops, or any shoe where it’s hard to hide any means to keep summer shoes from rubbing!

A super cool trick to try is to stick some of this amazing product, cut to size for you, to the ball of your foot when wearing sandals – that way you won’t slip in them!

4. Moisture-wicking socks

The classic ankle sock but better, it’s super easy to tuck into a myriad of shoe styles and promises a comfortable, sweat-free option – all while keeping that sockless summer look.

5. Foot powder

A good old-fashioned foot powder is hard to beat when you want to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh. It also helps with friction, which is exacerbated by moisture, meaning your feet will look, feel and smell great too!


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