9 Hardest Fan Games In Nuzlocke, Ranked


Nuzlockes have been a popular Pokemon fan hobby for years, but a recent spike in interest from the general population has us all excited to play our favorite games in a new way. The original Pokemon games were created with kids in mind, but now this generation has moved on and the replay value must change with us. That’s why Nuzlockes are a great way to play. They have permadeath, if a creature faints it is gone and only lets you catch the first ‘mon you encounter on each route.

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But it’s not just the original games that work with the tough new rules, as many fan-made spin-offs offer their own spin on the beloved franchise, while some simply turn the pain dial to the max. .


9 Wild Pokemon

What’s better than a childhood game memory brought back to life? Two, of course. Pokemon Wilds turns the simple catch-and-fight aspect into something much more survival-based, with crafting, player stats, open-world exploration as well as procedurally generated worlds, everything like Minecraft. Pokemon from different biomes can produce different materials for building, so having one passed out, especially one from a rare biome, can really ruin an entire run.

Rather than a champion, there’s a dungeon with a legendary battle waiting for you and your party. Nuzlocke’s rules will need to be adjusted a bit as there is no set route to follow, instead Pokemon and trainers level up the further you go from home. If that challenge wasn’t hard enough, now you also have to build yourself a house.

8 pokemon reborn

When performing a Nuzlocke, the player must consider how their group of misfits will defeat each of the eight gym leaders, as well as the Elite Four and the Champion. What if it wasn’t eight Gyms, but eighteen, one for each type of Pokémon what your party should prepare?

There’s also no way to guess which Pokémon you’ll encounter along the roads, which is a method many pros rely on to ensure a decent team, as there are over 800 different Pokemon from each generation in the game. You’ll have to learn an all-new strategy involving terrain effects (like the original Hail and Sandstorms) and manipulate them to your advantage in battles, lest your enemies take the top.

7 pokemon wood snake

A few years after Ruby, the player follows in the footsteps of her older brother, catching Pokémon and fighting mysterious gangs. The main difference is that Hoenn now exists during a zombie apocalypse, and it’s up to you to save the entire world from the consuming virus. Demons and possessed corpses lurk in the tall grass, and the cuddly creatures we know and love have been replaced by their rotten variants.

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Don’t expect friendly faces to help you along the way, as most NPCs only exist to deceive the player, and Legendaries are evil gods, bent on ending the human race. Most Pokemon types have been mixed and new creatures known as Djenn can also be encountered. Try playing by the Nuzlocke rules and watch the world burn.

6 Pokemon Blaze Black / Volt White 1 & 2

This is the sequel to a ROM hack by Black and White, which basically overhauled the original game, tweaking some Pokemon to be better picks, and adding to the original storyline. What makes Drayano’s sequel to arguably one of the best hacks in the community so challenging for Nuzlockers is the Challenge mode. It’s already boastful to say that you’ve completed this game, as well as the post-story content, but by activating Challenge Mode, you’re setting yourself up for a world of pain.

Most trainers will sport the full six Pokémon on their teams now, and each roster is totally different as well. Almost a full 649 Pokedex is available somewhere in the game before the seventh gymnasium, so the player will not be able to anticipate which Pokémon they will encounter and be forced to capture. The contour line is also much steeper, making each ribbon even harder to earn.

5 Poke MMO

What if your favorite Pokemon game was multiplayer and you could invite your friends to adventure with you? Now, what if it wasn’t just your friends, but thousands of strangers challenging and challenging you to battles, or forming endless queues at the Poke Center.

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Pokemon MMO opens up the beloved game to hundreds of other players, all vying to become the champion and annihilate all competition. Other games and their ROM hacks might give the AI ​​a more realistic approach to combat, but nothing beats a bunch of desperate real-life humans who will stop at nothing to be the best.

4 Pokémon Rejuvenation

If you tried Pokemon Reborn and somehow got through it, try its sequel; Rejuvenation. With all-new field effects to throw you through a loop, as well as all Pokémon up to Generation Eight, you’ll be hard pressed to successfully plan a route through this world without your team fainting multiple times. along the way. The new Crest items bolster all disappointing entries, making trainers that might have seemed like a stomp in front of much trickier fighters.

And if you go through all eight gyms and think you’re on your way to the Elite Four, think again! There’s now a Gym for every Pokemon type in all eight generations, so you’re going to have to really strategize for the types that could obliterate your team. Also, the Elite Four are the Elite Eight, so there’s that too.

3 pokemon radical redpokemon radical red fan made game rom hack

Put together by SouperCell, a longtime gamer who became obsessed with ROM hacks from a young age, Radical Red is a very well-thought-out remix of the first Pokemon game. Rather than simply increasing the number of enemies and their levels, this Passionate Project’s hardcore mode directly prevents cheese and even prevents players from accessing their bags during battles. Gym Leaders have optimized move sets, as well as properly balanced and maxed EVs across their entire party.

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Even memorizing the Pokemon you will encounter is not enough, as each necessary battle has three teams that the game will randomly choose from, so there’s really no way to prepare. And then there are the Elite Four, who each have their own Legendary Pokemon. This is not a Nuzlocke for the faint-hearted.


1 Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Pokemon Blue and Crystal Kaizo ROM hacks have been out for a while now. They’re notoriously difficult, with incredible AI and punishing encounters that send you shamefully back to the Poke Center. Now there’s Emerald Kaizo, which has been called totally unfair. There are just under 400 Pokemon available in this fan-made version, but without incredible luck it’s nearly impossible to beat the Elite Four during Nuzlock due to the first encounter rule.

Every misstep or mistake is punished. This game is not intended for casual gamers and detailed knowledge of the original game is required to have a chance of getting close to the champion. There are even rare legendary events just to keep your party on their toes, because who doesn’t want to fight a random god while preparing for the second Gym?

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