A day in the life of Julia Morris during the Melbourne lockdown.


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This week, we find out what life is like as a comedian and co-host of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Julia Morris when she’s not filming.

Julia Morris leads two very different lives.

When she films I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! the comedian is in work mode, co-hosting alongside Dr Chris Brown and working up to 17 hours a day. But when she’s home, like right now, she’s a mom – making breakfast, doing the housework, and raising her two teenage daughters, Ruby and Sophie.

Need tips for life? Julia Morris is here to help. The message continues below.

Since returning from filming next season of the reality show in Murwillumbah, NSW (they pre-recorded it due to concerns about COVID), Morris has returned to yet another Melbourne lockdown. Her usual morning begins early with a walk.

“I’m up, having a latte and walking at 7:30 am most of the time for an hour before it’s time to turn on my ‘Mum-cha’ cart and start the breakfast service. lunch, ”Morris said. Mama mia.

“Toast? Cereals ? Porridge ? Smoothie? The ladies eventually decide on something different each and then … homeschooling begins. “

While Morris is preparing breakfast for Ruby and Sophie, actress and ambassador Nescafé doesn’t have her first meal until noon.

“Breakfast isn’t really for me as I fast until lunchtime. I can afford a little two-minute break to recharge myself with a second cup of NESCAFE Café Creations Cappuccino before the start of the school year, ”she said.

“Then it’s time to give Mom a quick boost, tidy up and do a few loads of laundry. [Before I] clean up breakfast and get the Mum-cha cart ready for a mid-morning school snack. “

When it’s all done, Morris finds himself stuck in a spring cleaning.

“I used the lockdown time to do a big closet cull,” she said.

“Over the years we’ve lived in Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Sydney, and Avoca. So naturally you put a lot of stuff together along the way, so my garage is like a sea of ​​charity sacks.”


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