A Style Guide to Getting Through the Holiday Hangover


Clean your cardis, there are no more parties! It’s time to eat real food again. Go to bed on time. Dry yourself off a bit (if you know what I mean.) The holidays go from ho ho ho to hangover very quickly. I have some local gems to help that were so graciously shared with me after returning to Big D.

And why listen to me? Valid question, when you look at my inbox away from zero. But, as a busy mum with years in the fashion industry1I know my way.

Consider me your spiritual guide.

PS If you see me out, say hello! Or DM me on Insta @ttomasihill. Style questions, comments, other finds… I’m open to anything!

fairy godmother

After the hectic journey, the gingerbread and the champagne, you need Joanna Czech. She’s in high demand, but now you can get her expertise (without a slap) without an appointment. After two years of research and development, Joanna launched Le Kit with seven essential products and it’s a big one. scary. OK. Run, don’t walk, to get yours before the Kardashians buy them all for their friends and you’re in Shitt’s Creek without your serums.

Joanna Czech The Kit
$1320, Joanna Czech

Pro tip! The best combo for the current climate in Dallas is a spritz of The Toner, four drops of The C+ Serum and The Balm to finish.

Buy now

round and round

Nothing to wear? With these rotating pieces, getting dressed is a snap.


B Sides Vintage Lasso Jeans
$425, THE YES

Nothing like comfy but chic jeans and eating holiday leftovers like – wait, stop. We get away from that.

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Alexander McQueen Double Belt
$920, THE YES

Good belts are an investment, but worth it for the perfect fit.

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Bottega Veneta clutch bag
$890, THE YES

It’s the most practical bag I own, and that’s an understatement because all my bags are quite practical.

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Machete Suzy plaid sunglasses
$155, YES

Eco-friendly, super cool, well made and at an unbeatable price.

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Kule camo cardigan
$298, THE YES

I am never not carrying Kule.

Buy now

A mental reset

For new inspiration, head to the recently opened OAP projects where insanely cool curator Peter Augustus Owen is making waves in the art world. The contemporary gallery and project space is housed in a historic Expo Park showcase and has a strong focus on Japanese art. Peter Agustus Owenformer associate editor of ArtAsiaPacific magazine, shares my passion for championing emerging talent. Its artist-in-residence program will bring artists from the Asia-Pacific to Dallas to create their work locally. I can’t wait to see the energy it brings to the city.

Glamor Squad

Let’s just say I don’t wake up like on IG. I also don’t have a dedicated team or a ton of time. My magic wand is the must-have and proven Clé de Peau concealer. It’s a beauty icon for a reason, and the New Year is a great reminder to restock. Pick it up from Justin at the Cos Bar. He’s knowledgeable, shares easy beauty tips, and is generous with samples!


Skin Key Concealer
$73, Cos Bar

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When disaster strikes

Split pants? It happens to the best of us. After all the holiday cheer, it’s related, isn’t it? I was recently in the Alexander McQueen store at HPV and Scott (lovely salesman, by the way) introduced me to Denim repair in Dallas. Javier and Belinda can bring your pieces back to life, as well as zhuzh up denim with chain stitch embroidery.

Clean up your act

My LIS introduced me to the game-changing, stain-removing assistant, Mr Charles. (She has three little ones and practically fights stains as a way of life.) Call or text and that mysterious blue mark on the carpet (the one no one in the family will adjust to) disappears. Sir Charles Interiors, 214-289-4874.


Khaite Taylor Boots
$920, THE YES

So good, it’s like clicking your ruby ​​slippers three times. There’s no place like (your new, pristine home).

Discover the Khaite boots

Phone a friend

Style rut? Closet chaos? Fashion dilemmas? DM the wardrobe specialists at Burgin Walters. As personal stylists and wardrobe specialists, they’re one of Dallas’ hottest duos. One of the founders, Lauren Burgin, ran a small store in HPV that bore my initials. The other, Katie Walters, was one of his most loyal customers. match made in heaven TTH.


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