Absolute madness


The January 6 Committee continues to expose the shocking and criminal behavior of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The danger this behavior posed to our very system of government and perhaps even to global stability is undeniable. So let’s quickly recap a few revelations that SHOULD scare us all.

Lead an armed mob in an attack on our Capitol

We have now learned that Trump wants ARMED people with him as he plans to march on Capitol Hill. To the point of requiring the secret services to dismantle the magnetic detectors used to detect weapons. We now know that there were people who were kept away from the area where Trump was going to speak before his march on the Capitol BECAUSE they were armed. Let them in with their arms in because they’re with me, Trump basically told his Secret Service.

Literally seize the steering wheel of the presidential limousine and attack its secret services

We are talking about a deranged madman here. What if serious injuries had resulted from this escapade? What if the Secret Service allowed Trump to drive or obeyed his ORDERS to take him to the Capitol to join his armed mob? We are talking about a VIOLENT, third world dictatorship taking control of our government. Should the very pillars of our government’s stability be reduced to a few secret service agents?

Literally lifting plates of food against the wall

This is the second time I’ve had to use the word “literally”, because we’ve all metaphorically used the phrase “throw food at the wall”, but a President of the United States REALLY DOES IT? We are talking about the behavior of a three-year-old child of an American president. What does this make our country look like? How does the support and activation of this type of behavior appear in the rest of the world? More on that in a moment.

A US president doing these things with nuclear codes

Should we give nuclear codes to an irritable, bratty 3-year-old? The 25th Amendment is supposed to deal with a situation where an American President begins to LITERALLY display the behavior of a 3 year old. But when we talk about a crazy CULT having infiltrated our government, it no longer becomes a viable solution. Half of the requirement to impeach Trump under the 25th Amendment is the US Vice President’s agreement. Facing a violent mob, having LITERALLY (there’s that word again) built a suspended platform, Mike Pence has YET not contacted the chiefs of staff to discuss invoking the 25th Amendment to protect the nation from a madman deranged with nuclear codes, LEADING a violent insurrection.

Even those acting to prevent Trump’s coup would put this deranged monster back in power


Arizona House of Representatives Speaker Russell Bowers gave compelling and heartbreaking testimony about the effects of Trump’s attempted coup on him and his family. With tears in his eyes, he described the pain it caused his terminally ill daughter. And he almost certainly saw the pain inflicted on Georgian election worker Ruby Freeman by Trump targeting her directly, not just in his criminal pressure on Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, but in showing her hisses. . rally lynching in Atlanta. And AFTER ALL THAT, Bowers said he would put Trump back in power for good.

Let me ask Mr. Bowers, are you saying you’d be happy to allow that irritable, deranged monster to get back into the position of doing these things to someone else’s sick daughter? To another poor election worker just doing her fucking job?? So you saved YOUR ass but F the NEXT victims of Trump’s sick and sadistic behavior? So much for your “divinely inspired” piece of paper, huh? Your CONTINUOUS support of a deranged monster for IGNORING the Constitution, inflicting pain, suffering and harm on our citizens indicates your true respect for the Constitution.

Then there is perhaps the scariest of all – the percentage of a party controlling more than half of our government, including the United States Supreme Court, that supports what Trump has done and could do AGAIN. . There is hope that the January 6 hearings could change some of those views but, at one point, more than 40% of Republican voters SUPPORT the storming of the Capitol building and think the violence policy may be REQUIRED.

In the coming years leading up to the 2024 election, it won’t just be about gas prices, inflation numbers, or perhaps even our very form of government. It can be a struggle to avoid falling into an abyss of madness. One part is SANE, the other part IS NOT. The choice couldn’t be simpler or more important.


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