Add the icing on the cake! Five Health Benefits of This Ruby Red Fruit You Should Know About

The phrase “to add an icing on the cake” can also have a very literal meaning, especially when it comes to health benefits. These small, ruby ​​red fruits with a sweet and sour taste not only make excellent fillings for cakes and pastries, but are in themselves a source of antioxidants.

These fruits are mainly found in autumn and late winter in India. However, in mid-May, they’re back in season to spice up your bland salads and accompany those summery cocktails. More importantly, they also protect you from various ailments and promote good health in several ways. Here’s a look at the hidden benefits of this vibrant fruit that’s often relegated to the realm of garnishes.

Cherries promote a good night’s sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or take melatonin supplements before bed because you have insomnia, you should definitely add cherries to your diet. Cherries contain melatonin and therefore naturally contribute to better sleep for individuals.

Keep Cholesterol Under control

Studies have shown that cherries, especially any cherry juice drink, are beneficial for lowering LDL cholesterol, which is primarily responsible for a higher risk of heart attack. In fact, cherry juice may also be beneficial for controlling fatty liver problems because it lowers liver triglycerides.

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Regulates blood pressure, prevents diabetes

Cherries help regulate systolic and diastolic blood pressure, thereby stabilizing hypertension. These fruits also have a low glycemic index, perhaps due to their acidity, which means they do not trigger insulin spikes in our body, thus preventing diabetes. They are also an excellent source of carbohydrates for those who already have type II diabetes.

Reduces symptoms of arthritis and gout

Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve pain, and are good for osteoporosis patients as they provide protection against cellular wear and tear. However, more importantly, these fruits provide pain relief from arthritis and gout.

Sweet cherries give you a good mood

Research has shown that cherries, especially sweet cherries, are great mood boosters because they reduce cortisol levels and thus reduce your anxiety.


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