AEW Elevation Special Recap: Kisses, Cowboy Vests, and Crotch Punches


AEW dropped by Saturday night (September 3, 2022) for a bonus episode of Elevation. The special featured kisses, cowboy vests and crotch punches as the stars warmed up for their PPV fights at All out.

Let’s break it down.

Tony Schiavone and Daddy Magic were at the commentary table for this evening of showcase fights.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo defeated GPA and Laynie Luck. Sammy and Tay kissed on stage and Daddy Magic wanted more tongue. GPA and Laynie also shared a kiss. Mixed tag rules in effect. GPA got into trouble with Sammy with a pair of jawbreakers and a stunner. Tag to Laynie, which meant Tay was also legal. Tay regained control of the fight with a German suplex and kicks to the corner. The mixed AAA champions finished with the GTH tandem of Guevara and Tay-KO de Melo. Tay had the legal move for the win.

Keith Lee and Shane Strickland defeated Storm Grayson and Jah-C. Needless to say, this was a non-title fight for the AEW tag champions. Swerve was skilled with tricks and Lee sprayed with power. Jah-C tried an armbar on a standing Lee. Limitless swung Jah-C still hanging on his arm, and Swerve came in for a single-leg dropkick to the moving target. Swerve in Our Glory finished with his meteora powerbomb combo.

Hangman Page, John Silver and Alex Reynolds defeated Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto and Cole Karter. The Dark Order and Hangman wore matching cowboy vests. QT Marshall was at ringside to help with the occasional physical interference. Tag to Hangman to clean the house in style. The match turned into chaos with movement all around. Silver lit the spark to victory with a much bigger German suplex on the Comoroto. Reynolds and Silver ping-ponged Solo with strikes, a stunner and a German suplex. Hangman jumped in with a Buckshot Lariat to seal the deal on Solo.

The Acclaimed defeated Invictus Khash and JPH. Max Caster rapped about winning the AEW Tag Titles at All outSwerve’s dying rap career and Lee’s promos.

As the Aclamés were in charge, JPH had the audacity to block a scissors game. He paid the price for his insolence. Anthony Bowens slammed JPH to the mat to set up Caster’s flying elbow drop for the win. Scissor Party!

Ruby Soho and Ortiz defeated Emi Sakura and Baliyan Akki. Mixed tag rules. After a teamwork infraction, Soho and Ortiz danced off with a swinging hip dance. Sakura and Akki took control. Sakura landed a moonsault on Ortiz, but he was able to get to his knees when Akki followed for a flying splash. Soho used a back heel to send Sakura out of the ring. Akki was ripe for the picking. Soho’s Headscissors Takeover, Ortiz’s Clothesline, Soho’s Boot, Ortiz’s Enziguri, and Soho’s No Future Kick put Akki cold. Ortiz made the pin.

Best Friends defeated Butcher, Blade, and Angelico. Danhausen was in the front row. The villains attacked before the opening bell and focused on isolating Trent. Angelico landed a cheap punch at Danhausen, much to the vocal disapproval of the live crowd. Trent used a DDT tornado to open the window for a hot tag at Orange Cassidy. OC used his jacket to throw Angelico around the ring and trip Butcher. Cassidy followed up with a suicide dive, a flying crossbody, and a second suicide dive. Chuck Taylor participated in a Sole Food facebreaker combo with Trent performing a half and half suplex. Best Friends were ready to give people what they wanted, but Butcher and Blade pulled them out of the ring, preventing the hug. Angelico wrapped Cassidy in a leg submission. Danhausen jumped on the apron to curse Angelico. Angelico responded with pelvic gyrations towards Danhausen’s face. Danhausen responded with a punch to the crotch. Angelico was in pain then turned into a punch from Superman. Best friends finished with trios teamwork pyramid splatter.

This special episode of Elevation was the standard fare. The stars looked like stars in victory. There was a funky energy in the air with a personality that shone through, offering lots of little things to enjoy. If I have to pick two fights to recommend, I’d go with gelling Hangman and the Dark Order as a trio and the comedic madness of the Best Friends main event.

Share your opinion on Elevation. What was your favorite match and your favorite moment? Who caught your eye to stand out?


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