All the wounds on the set of the days of our life


The cast and crew of “Days of Our Lives” also run the risk of injury on set. Although they don’t create the dynamic stunts of an action movie, accidents can happen at any time. In 2015, set designer Karla Bergstrom claimed she was injured when a 400-pound stage light bar fell on her as she was lowered from the ceiling, per Yahoo! News.

In 2017, Bergstrom chose to file a lawsuit against the production after claiming she suffered a “traumatic brain injury with continuing deficits” in the accident. The lawsuit alleged that employees “negligently failed to visualize the defined area and whether it was clear of people as they attempted to lower” the bar.

The following year, in 2016, actor Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black on the NBC soap opera, was seriously injured while filming the show. She Knows Soaps reported that the actor attempted to go through a prop door during a stunt, but the prop wasn’t prepped properly. Instead, he crashed headfirst into the door and suffered serious head injuries. He was treated at the hospital and later picked up at his home before returning to “DOOL” to return to work after the incident.


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