Anushka Sharma’s makeup artist reveals how to create a minimal look without looking dull


When it comes to creating a minimal look, chances are you’re overdoing it with products or using the wrong techniques and formulas that can make your skin look dull and older. Renowned makeup artist Sandhya Shekar, who works with stars like Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt, loves creating natural-looking skin that’s lit from within. Ahead, the makeup maestro breaks down her tips for creating a flawless, hydrated base for minimal makeup with your beauty essentials and skipping the unnecessary ones.

Base preparation

“The basic rule of the minimal look is that the focus is on the skin. We don’t need to overload the skin with too many products, but focus on preparing the skin the right way. It moisturize it, not too much. I also like to massage the face to loosen the skin and stimulate blood circulation,” says Shekar. She also recommends rubbing ice on the face to reduce the visibility of large pores. extra hydration, Shekar also likes to use a face sheet on certain occasions.Shekar swears by the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré moisturizer and primer which is the perfect lightweight product for the minimal look.

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Lay the foundations

For a minimal look, you don’t need to camouflage the skin and make it look unrealistic. You need the right amount of coverage, a few visible spots add to its natural appeal. “The balance of foundation and concealer you use for this look depends on your skin type (and scarring and discoloration). The idea is to go minimal with both – no more than two drops of foundation and concealer,” Shekar says. For acne scars, rather than piling on a lot of product or using full-coverage foundation, she recommends color-correcting first.” The foundation should almost disappear into the skin seamlessly. Use concealer on spots – under the eyes, pigment spots and redness around the nose. A light foundation is best because anything heavy on your face makes you look older and won’t give you the bare finish,” says Shekar. Some of his favorite lightweight formulas are–Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Kay Beauty Hydrating Foundation.

all about the eyes

Keep your brows as natural as possible and run the opposite of the filled-in look. “Don’t fill in the opening in your forehead as it makes the brows look fake. Just fill in the uneven areas, not with a product like pomade that makes them dark. I prefer the tinted brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit because it looks natural, nourished and thick,” says Shekar. For eyes, she likes to use Benefit They’re Real mascara and skips kajal or a brown pencil for the waterline.” In case the face looks dull, I like to use a brown eye shadow just below the waterline for some definition.” For makeup that looks lived-in and natural, Shekar recommends blush and lipsticks and blushes that look more natural compared to the powdery feel you get with powder or baked products.” My favorite lip and cheek shades are from Luma Beauty, Benefit, Ruby’s Organics and Asa Beauty,” Shekar reveals. “Remember to use the right pressure for your blush and eyeshadow as well. Even if you want to outline, take it down three notches and start with very little and build color slowly. Layer of patience,” sums up Shekar.


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