Beauty fans are going wild for a £4 nail polish pen that leaves no mess and is perfect for shaky hands


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A beauty fan has revealed a £4 pen that paints your nailsCredit: Tiktok/@chlocarter8
She urges fans to come to Primark if they want to close the deal


She urges fans to come to Primark if they want to close the dealCredit: Tiktok/@chlocarter8

And TikTok user Chlo Carter shared a recent find from Primark, and she urges beauty fans to head over there and stock up on that particular item.

Sharing a video, which has been viewed 4.2 million times, Chlo filmed herself showing off the new £4 product.

It’s Primarks Ruby Red click and Go nail polish, which looks like a pen.

She then demonstrates how easy and quick it is to use.

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Chlo first starts by clicking on the top of the device, which forces the paint to press onto the brush.

She then shows herself painting red on her thumbnail.

Other beauty fans rushed to the comments section to share their take on the matter.

One simply said, “ooo, I’d really try that.”

The nail polish pen is perfect for shaky hands


The nail polish pen is perfect for shaky handsCredit: Tiktok/@chlocarter8

And someone else added, “I need one.”

“It’s so good because (SIC) I’m spilling it all over the place,” said a third beauty fan.

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A fourth wrote: “My left hand is enjoying this.”

While others couldn’t contain their excitement, only one wrote: “I’m a running mate, I live 10 minutes from a Primark.”


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