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good girls flipped the script on crime shows by giving their target audience, suburban moms, a starring role. Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) is a married mother of four children whose husband, Dean (Matthew Lillard) is having an affair with his employee and is mismanaging his car dealership. They risk losing their home as a result. His sister, Annie Marks (Mae Whitman), is a divorced single mother with a transgender child, and with money issues and custody struggles of her own. Their best friend, Ruby Hill (Retta), is a married mother of two and her daughter is in desperate need of a new kidney that she and her police officer husband, Stan (Reno Wilson), cannot afford. They decide to take matters into their own hands and rob the grocery store where Annie works. But nothing is as simple as it seems.


The women are endearing, even in desperate positions, doing whatever it takes to save themselves and their families. It’s funny and charming as well as dramatic and action-packed. These are seven episodes you should watch on Netflix right now!

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“Mo Money, Mo Problems” (Season 1, Episode 2)

good girls season 1 episode 2
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The ladies’ guilt and doubt that they can pull off more shenanigans is palpable. After robbing the grocery store where Annie works, they were discovered by the store manager, and now they are in trouble with a gang. They are given a deadline to find the money they now owe to the gang leader, Rio (Manny Montana). Beth kicks Dean out and deals with the aftermath of traumatized children while she figures out what to do. We also see scenes of Ruby and Stan’s solid marriage and family life and wonder how it will turn out for them. Annie struggles as she not only deals with custody, but also sexual assault after her horrible boss, Boomer (David Hornby), attempted to rape her after a failed blackmail attempt. They attempt to get rid of him and decide they will have to rob his elderly grandmother for the money they owe Rio. In a hilarious scene, Beth shows a YouTube video on her phone showing Annie how to pick the lock. They don’t get the money and Rio visits Beth. Beth begins by explaining how they are what he needs: “basic bitch” soccer moms with slices of orange that no one will suspect. It ends with Rio asking, “Do you have any passports, ladies?”

This episode sets the pattern of getting them into trouble and more trouble, and doing them a favor and another favor to keep them out of ultimate trouble while still supporting each other.

“I’d Rather Be Crafting” (Season 2, Episode 1)

good girls season 2 episode 1
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Season 1 ended with an epic cliffhanger where Beth had to make a choice: she could shoot her dope husband or her gang leader. In the first episode of season 2, we discover the result of his choice and the consequence. We also find out that the gang is free to roam the streets again via Stan, whose job and marriage to Ruby are in tatters. Beth didn’t have what it takes to shoot anyone, which comes as no surprise to her lover/boss, Rio, as he shoots Dean. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for Beth, Dean will live. Boomer is back and he’s talking to the Feds. Meanwhile, the feds found a gun in the robbery of their grocery store. A pen cap. With Beth’s DNA on it.

Stan wants Ruby to turn himself in and accept a plea deal, which he is confident she will get under the circumstances. Ruby is ready to accept the deal until she finds the homemade quilt Beth made for her daughter. Instead, she comes up with another hilariously executed plan to retrieve the pen cap, but it fails. Stan comes into the clutch and steals the pen cap as evidence. He’s in it now. They also need Rio to take care of Boomer because he’s too heavy.

“The Dubby” (Season 2, Episode 7)

good girls
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The show really takes off in the second season. Girls can’t deny they’re criminals anymore. They are too deep. The lowest moment is when Beth has to bring her kids with her on a drop of pills, and they misplace her daughter’s favorite blanket, nicknamed “dubby.”

Beth loses her grip as a mother. Dean is absolutely losing Rio. Ruby’s marriage is in grave danger as internal affairs close in on her husband. Rio actually gets the cover back. This episode illustrates the maxim of the series in the future: does the end justify the means? And what are the means anyway?

“Jeff” (season 2, episode 12)

good girls season 2 episode 12
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It’s one of the darkest episodes of the series, but it’s also one of the best. The writing keeps fans of the series guessing and develops the characters beautifully. Guess who’s back?

Boomer. And he lives up to his old habits: manipulation, sexual assault and general debauchery. There’s a body in Beth’s garden. They go to Mary Pat (Allison Tolman), one of the mothers the girls had employed in one of their schemes, who says that she and Boomer had been engaged, but she accidentally killed him. She needs Beth, Annie and Ruby to get rid of the body… only the body they get rid of is not Boomer’s. Meanwhile, the FBI pressure Stan and Ruby and their lawyer let them go when it is discovered that they paid the lawyer with counterfeit money. Annie finds Boomer living in her grandmother’s attic. Will they be able to get rid of him?

“Incentive” (Season 3, Episode 9)

good girls
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This episode is packed with action and fodder for future episodes. Retta’s performance in particular really stands out in this episode, proving that she can do drama as well as comedy.

Agent Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) uncovered the inner workings of the counterfeit business and arrests one of the major nail polish Ruby uses to make money. Ruby employs her teenage daughter, Sara (Lidya Jewett), in a schema to get more. Rio tricks Beth into holding the gun that was used on Lucy, which will be a key piece of evidence in season four. Beth decides they need to get rid of Rio once and for all, and they know a guy who knows a guy who can make it happen. They meet their future hero at the restaurant and discover that he is missing his arms, which leaves them wondering if it will work.

“Broken Toy” (Season 4, Episode 8)

good girls
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If fans learned anything about Rio in Season 4, it’s that its abuela didn’t raise a fool and loves John Grisham novels. We also learn through flashbacks of how Rio managed to get away with the help of her cousin/brother Councilman Nick. The ladies are able to get rid of Stan’s problem boss. Nothing like multitasking moms!

“Thank You for Your Support” (Season 4, Episode 14)

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Interweaving comedy with drama was what this show did well. This episode is a true testament to that. In a fun scene, the Secret Service agents explain to the girls why they need Beth at the city council headquarters using stripper props. But Beth gets “mommed” by an acquaintance for the seat. Dean’s multilevel marketer men’s skincare “family” tries to help him by fucking Beth and Dean learns his lawyer has the DA in his pocket. Only, it’s not really the DA… what else are they suspicious of? Rio leans even deeper into Beth and Nick. All the guys are selling skincare for the dean’s questionable “friends”, and Beth has found all of her original furniture. What is happening? What will become of the girls?


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