Best makeup brush sets 2022: top brushes reviewed


Achieving the perfect makeup isn’t just about cosmetics – you need the right tools too. Even “natural” make-up for everyday wear can benefit from the finesse of being applied with the right brush. Just try trying a winged eyeliner or liner without using an eyeshadow brush. It just can’t be done.

There are myriad brushes out there to apply foundation, bronzer, blush and more to your complexion, but unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why having a set of brushes in your kit is a stroke of genius.

They usually contain all the applicators you’ll need in assorted colors and housed in a matching bag so you can easily take them on the go.

They also make great gifts for the haunting beauty in your life. We’ve rounded up the best, from big brands to budget, to help you narrow down the selection.

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Spectrum Collections KJH 25 Piece Set


This set is a bit pricey, but it’s designed for full-face makeup application with 24 brushes to help you create any look you have in mind. The olive, gold and cream colorways give them a luxurious feel, especially when presented in their matching premium vegan leather case.

The set includes large brushes for picking up lots of product (read: foundation, bronzer, and blush) as well as plenty of finer tips to help accentuate eyes, lips, and brows.

Otis Batterbee The Face Brush Kit

Otis Batterbee

If you’re not someone who regularly wears eye shadow and lipstick, you may be looking for base-only brushes. Say hello to Otis Batterby’s The Face Brush Set, a trio of tools designed to help you apply, blend and buff product onto the face with expert precision.

The bristles are synthetic and ridiculously soft, making them pleasant to sweep over the skin, and are finished with multi-coloured handles, adding style to your dressing table.

Real Techniques Artist Essentials Brush Set

Actual Techniques

Easily express your latest look with the brush set from Real Techniques. There are five brushes in this collection, ready to cover, color, blend and buff the face, cheeks, lips and eyes to your desired effect. This set includes a fan-shaped brush, perfect for contouring as well as gliding powder highlighter along the cheekbones.

Ruby Hammer Magnetic Brush Set 01

Ruby Hammer

If you’re looking for a small set of brushes to keep on call in your bag, they really don’t get more telescoping than this. From veteran makeup artist Ruby Hammer, the award-winning stackable brush set stays secured with magnets and includes three multi-purpose brushes to perfect your makeup look: a pointed crease brush (for small jobs like applying eye shadow and of concealers), a smudge brush (great for precision lipstick and eye shadow) and an angled brush (for lining eyes or filling in brows).

A second set comes with a trio of different brushes – a spoolie to tame brows and lashes, an eyeliner brush and a flat lip brush to evenly distribute lip color, also £28.

My KitCo My Signature Synthetics Brush Set

My KitCo

This set of 15 brushes has it all, from the classic foundation brush for liquid and powder formulas, to the smudger brushes that will help you create the perfect smokey eye with your shadows. The curved lip brush is perfect for lining lips with your chosen shade to give color long-lasting wear and ensure it doesn’t bleed.

Spectrum Collections Malachite Jet Setter 8 Brush Set


The perfect set to take on the go, this deluxe Spectrum set is housed in a multi-compartment bag with plenty of room for makeup essentials and tools underneath.

The set includes eight brushes made with soft taklon fibers that are green in color, which means they are also vegan. Create your base with the Buffing Foundation Brush, Tulip Powder Brush and Angled Cheek Brushes, refine with the Magic Wand and Tall Tapered Blender Brush before using the Angled Shader Brush, Precision Crease Brush and Double Ended Brow Styler to enhance your finer features.

Set of 24 Rio Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes


Whether you’re a makeup veteran or just new to the world of beauty, a great set of brushes will help you master your favorite looks. Containing a whopping 24 brushes, the Rio set has it all.

The high quality brushes are made with super soft synthetic bristles, are comfortable to hold and come in a leatherette pouch which makes them ideal for travel.

Whether you’re working with liquid, powder, or gel formulas, these brushes can handle them all.

Luxie Golden Glow Set


Presented in a champagne-colored tube case, this set features seven of Luxie’s most popular brushes. There are four large, fluffy ones for the base, and three smaller brushes for refining the eyes and lips, arming you with all the tools you need to create everything from dramatic evening looks to more subtle ones for the office. Bought separately, they are worth £214.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Mini Brush Set

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury’s mini brush sets the stage for glamorous stakes with the case, designed to look like an evening clutch. With just four brushes, this is a smaller collection than the others on our list, but each is multitasking, able to handle application whatever your abilities and makeup formulas with ease. If you’re looking for a stylish set for on-the-go touch-ups, this definitely gives the other sets a run for their money. Makes a shout-worthy gift too.

Morphe x Ariel Signature Look 8-Piece Eye Brush Set


Taken from her recent collab with MUA celebrity Ariel (Kylie Jenner’s must-have), Morphe’s set of eight brushes is perfect for anyone who already owns foundation and blush brushes, and is looking instead tricks and precision angles to take their look to the next level.

In cream and honey tones, the brushes include a cream shadow blending brush, crease blending brush, fluffy blending brush, smudge brush, packer brush, definition brush and definition pencil .

Complete set of XX Revolution XXpert brushes


You should wash your makeup brushes weekly to keep them hygienic and working effectively. This complete set from Revolution Beauty helps them last longer; high quality vegan bristles are coated with a protective complex to help reduce bacterial growth.

The XXpert pink brushes are an ideal gift for young beauty lovers and, in addition to the usual range, you’ll find a body brush, spool and eyebrow/lash combs in the mix.


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