Best Ways to Get Larimar Ore in Mining Simulator 2


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The world of Roblox Mining Simulator 2 is filled with a variety of ores from Silver, fossils and bones in the first zone, going up to Mythril, Fire Shards, Unobtanium, and Larimar deep in the later areas of the mine. The game is pretty balanced that way and keeps you engaged for a long time.

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Larimar is the the rarest ore currently found in the entire Overworld. Even after reaching the deepest depths, it will be a rare sight, and you will definitely want to take action to get as much as you can in one block.

Where to find larimar

The Overworld in Mining Simulator 2 is divided into seven different depths (sections). When you first load the game, you start at surface depth.


As you play more and more, you can reach Hidden Treasure, Frozen Depths, Gloomy Basin, Molten Core, The Underworld and Crystal Cavern levels.

As soon as you reach the crystal caveyou have a chance to find Larimar on the way down. You must dig 1,847 meters to reach the Crystal Cavern and even more to have a significant chance of finding Larimar. You will start to find it below the depth of 2,030 meters, and there is an even higher chance of getting it from 2,250 meters.

How to grow larimar fast

If you search for Larimar one block at a time, it will take you a very long time to find even one block. Therefore, there is a little trick in Mining Simulator 2 that can be used to spot the ore easily. First, you will at least need a laser drill as a tool to mine this ore.

  • Once you have the required tool and enough bag space, head to the required depth mentioned above. After reaching it, farm any block on one of your sides and squeeze into that block.
  • Next, completely zoom out your view by rotating the mouse wheel, then move your mouse. At some point your screen will zoom out completely and show you the layout of the mine where you can also see all nearby ore locations just like the image above.
  • Locate the Larimar, which is a blue ore scattered in this area. Be sure not to confuse it with cyan ore, as it is different but similar in color. Once you find it, you can just slowly dig towards it and reach the ore.

Since Larimar is super rare, enchanting your tool as much as possible is recommended to get more drops from one block. You can do this by clicking on your tool in the Items section and clicking Enchant. This process requires gems.


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