Black History 2022 Warning!

My dad taught me that when you see white people driving through your neighborhood, watch out for danger because you don’t know what their next move will be, but make sure it’s not to your advantage. Be careful. When the whites showed up on their ships in Africa in 1619, it was the start of 250 years of brutal and involuntary slavery for the twenty to thirty black Africans who landed in the British colony of Virginia, later called America .

When the governor of Florida invokes a rule that says you can’t make rules or teach anything that makes white people uncomfortable, it’s not to your advantage. Pay attention when one poll says 72% of Americans are going the wrong way, and another poll says there are several rules to make it harder for black people to vote, and yet another rule that says in Georgia, they will refuse the right to bring water or food to voters. Additionally, nearly 48 out of 50 states have new laws to make it harder to vote.

In Mississippi, teaching the breed is now illegal. In some states, same-day voter registration is now complete. Black members of the Mississippi legislature walked out. Little black students will be denied the truth about how their ancestors were treated by white ancestors. The story of Ruby Hughes should be taught in church and at home.

The Florida governor has also proposed having a police force to supposedly protect voters’ rights. In fact, the force would be there to intimidate voters. Other measures have been taken, such as reducing polling stations and drop boxes, refusing to vote by mail without showing your driver’s license and social security card number.

Be careful! They are afraid. It’s almost as bad as when President Wilson kept segregation as the rule.

We are expected to fight for America and are also expected to suffer discrimination, as if we are still living under President Wilson’s black codes. Today, racism manifests itself not only in the voting booth, but also in health care. Even with the pandemic. Health care providers must respond to specific needs such as language differences when there may be children who speak different languages ​​or come from different countries.
Discrimination in education is also essential because children have different skill levels or learn differently. It is unequal to say that white students may be offended by certain information; Black students may also be offended by certain events.

My dad was right when he told me and my siblings to be careful. Quoting Fannie Lou Hamer, “We want to determine our own destiny. Without the right to vote, our destiny will be determined for us”.

Of note, Arizona was the last state to approve Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday. Arizona Kyrsten Lea Sinema was one of two senators who voted with Republicans to guarantee the right to vote for all Americans. The Arizona Democratic Party (not the legislature) has since censored Sinema. This is an ongoing result of the twisted labors of the former president.

My dad wasn’t an educated man, but he wasn’t stupid. He was smart and he told us to be careful. Today, liberal scholars are watching a change in the Supreme Court and we are watching the Court move towards repealing Roe v. Wade, and we are about to see the Court take affirmative action and approve its reversal. Amy Vivian Coney Barrett is believed to approve of Roe’s overthrow against Wade. She suggested that one choice expectant mothers can make is to adopt black babies like she did. Well, Thomas Jefferson and other presidents had black babies too. They called them “slaves”.

I suggest we take this article, cut it out, and revisit it three years from now, assuming we have the same Court then. I’ve been a lawyer for forty years and I’ve never seen a court pick upheld like they did with Obama’s pick of Judge Neil Gorsuch, for a full year.

Clarence Thomas listens to his wife to make decisions. In a recent report, Don Lemon Tonight on CNN, journalist Jane Mayer talks about her new article detailing the ties of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife to right-wing groups. Judge Thomas and Ginny Thomas declined to be interviewed for Mayer’s article in The New Yorker. (Source: CNN) Clarence Thomas listens to his wife. I think he is stupid. I guess his wife thinks he’s stupid too.

One of the cases the Court has announced they are considering has not gone to the Court of Appeals and yet it is being heard. This gives the Court the power to reverse the affirmative action. My dad is gone but I still hear his words: “Careful!”


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