Brad Hazzard’s health hypocrisy continues


Alright, here we go again. Last week I wrote an article explaining the unscientific nature of the New South Wales government’s decision to allow parents and visitors to enter schools regardless of their vaccination status, while telling volunteers like me that we need to be vaccinated if we want to return to our charities. .

I had hoped that Dominic Perrottet would be careful to understand that as a man of Catholic faith, it is not at all in his religious values ​​to prevent volunteers from returning to schools. It’s even worse that he’s keeping scripture teachers like me, who spend half an hour each week teaching the faith to the next generation of Catholics, out of the schools. I don’t think Jesus Christ would be happy with a man of faith holding his fellow Catholics to ransom for a vaccine (a vaccine that doesn’t even prevent transmission, no less).

But Perrottet has clearly chosen to tread a dangerous path, paved with the carcasses of freedoms and essential freedoms, much like his Labor counterparts. And while harsh criticism is due to the Premier of NSW, it would seem obvious that there is another NSW Liberal Party figure whispering sweet nothings in his ear. .

This individual would be none other than the infamous Brad Hazzard.

NSW’s Minister of Health has been at the forefront of the government’s response to Covid. Since the virus hit Australian shores in March 2020, it has spent far too much time in the spotlight. Hazzard attended most of the Covid press conferences, using them to invoke fear around the virus, as well as to demonize and dehumanize people who chose not to take the vaccine.

So far, he has been one of the biggest proponents of vaccine mandates and restrictions. He has made it clear that he wants as many people as possible to be vaccinated, even if it is against their will. And he’s been relentless in his contempt for those who don’t make the choice he wants them to make. In fact, it was probably his affinity for harsh restrictions and unscientific mandates that spurred them on.

So when the Acting Chief Health Officer and NSW Health staff presented a slide show to the Minister of Health last week with reasons to bring back restrictions such as mask mandates, work from home and a ban to sing or dance – it came as a surprise when Hazzard rejected the reintroduction of such restrictions. A few days later, he once again spread fear around the Omicron sub-variant, known as BA.2, telling people that he is concerned about this and that he wouldn’t be so worried if everything the world was getting their boosters. This is despite two inconvenient facts: Omicron and its subvariants are more infectious but less lethal, and current vaccines – including “booster” ones – were designed for the initial variants, not Omicron.

When asked why he decided not to reintroduce restrictions, Hazzard said: “People are done with it.” For once, he was right.

Yet on the same day, despite the apparent new perspective he had taken, it was made public in the New South Wales Government Gazette that the health order titled Public Health (Education and Care Workers COVID-19 Vaccination) Order 2022 requiring all education and care workers, including volunteers, to be vaccinated to undertake their work in schools was signed into office by Brad Hazzard to replace the previous order which was due to expire on March 17, 2022. new order is in effect until May 13, 2022 and – if the pattern follows – it will likely be extended again and again.

Might as well care about people getting over it, right Brad?

It is totally unscientific to pursue this mandate, given what we now know about vaccines and their effectiveness – especially after 55,000 pages of Pfizer information was released.

And so it is interesting to note that, for those in the education sector, only the initial two doses are mandatory. Boosters must be taken every three months to maintain ‘protection’ – so why the requirement for volunteers and not the wider education sector?

No one should be forced to take a vaccine to participate in society – let alone a vaccine that, by the manufacturer’s own admission, has significant difficulties with efficacy and serious side effects in otherwise healthy people. .

Considering what Dominic Perrottet said recently about requiring QR codes, it’s even more outrageous that he is keeping vaccination mandates in place. In answering questions last week, the Premier of New South Wales said:

The ironic thing I thought was that we ended up bringing the QR codes back, but we weren’t even tracking and tracing. There was no science behind it all. It has no use. But there was a massive campaign, and when those massive campaigns are launched, it drains trust. And that kind of reporting, as we have seen over this period, has shaken the faith in our people. So we brought it back for one reason: to inspire confidence so people go out using QR codes.

This is where the NSW Premier admits there was no science behind several recent health orders. It was purely political – a desperate attempt to make sure their government seemed friendly.

Dominic Perrottet should know not to listen to Brad Hazzard. His often intimidating rhetoric towards the public and the awkwardness of Princess Ruby should have seen him sacked from the ministry. Yet he is still there, crouching behind Perrottet and pulling his strings like a sadistic puppeteer.

If NSW is really going to get rid of restrictions and mandates and get back to life without government imposition, then Health Hazzard Brad needs to go.

Joel Agius is a freelance writer. If you would like to read more of his work, you can do so at JJ’s outlook.

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