‘Bridgerton’ Star Ruby Barker in Hospital Amid Mental Health Struggle (VIDEO)


Ruby Barker, who plays Marina Thompson in the Netflix period drama Bridgertonrevealed that she had been hospitalized to receive treatment for mental health issues.

The British actress shared an update from the hospital on Thursday, where she provided details of her struggles and thanked Netflix and Bridgerton executive producer Shonda Rhimes “for giving me an opportunity, for saving me.”

“I just want to be honest with everyone; I struggled,” Barker said in a nearly six-minute video posted to his Instagram. “So I’m in the hospital right now, I’m going to be out soon and hopefully I can get on with my life, and I’m going to take a little break from myself.”

Barker said she “was really sick for a very long time” but felt “better” and so wanted to post this message to “encourage others, if you’re struggling, do yourself a favor. Take a break stop being so hard on yourself.

She went on to say that “we really need to change the dialogue” about mental health because “people don’t know how to have these conversations.” Barker notes that she was one of those people, “filled with rage, frustrated, angry,” before deciding to seek help for “all this intergenerational trauma pooled in me.”

Now that she has a diagnosis, Barker said she can finally focus on change. “I have a diagnosis, and I surrender, forgive myself, and draw a line in the sand,” she explained. “I can’t go on like I did. I need to change. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Barker started her career on stage before moving to television, landing a recurring role as Daisie on the British teenage fantasy series. wolf blood. She joined Bridgerton in a lead role in season 1 and returned in a guest role for season 2.

“I look forward to fulfilling all my commitments and having a good career and a good life,” she added. “Because I don’t want my diagnosis to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I want to survive, and I will survive, and I will. And you too. That’s the beauty of it, so will you. If you’re with me, you’re in good hands. Thanks.”

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