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Interested in becoming a Rails expert? These eight TechRepublic Academy certification courses and packs can help.

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Ruby on Rails is a web application development framework that uses the simple and secure Ruby programming language. According Stack Overflow 2022 Developer SurveyRuby is among the top 20 programming languages ​​in use today.

Due to its popularity, both budding developers and seasoned developers will benefit from understanding Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. Fortunately, TechRepublic Academy offers a wide range of learning materials that developers can use to acquire or improve their RoR skills.

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Here is a list of some of the best Ruby on Rails certification courses and bundles currently offered at great value through TechRepublic Academy.

TechRepublic Academy Ruby on Rails offers on sale now

The complete Ruby on Rails and Ruby programming package

Are you a Ruby newbie? If so, this package is a great choice for you, offering access to five courses for the price of one. In this bundle, you’ll receive Ruby Programming for Everyone, an in-depth course that covers both basic and high-level Ruby concepts.

After completing the initial course, the next four walk you through developing four different apps, including a weather app, a stock market app, a to-do list app, and a cryptocurrency wallet app.

Get the Complete set of Ruby on Rails and Ruby programming for $21 (normally $1,000).

Complete Ruby on Rails

The complete Ruby on Rails course provides the information you need to become a complete web developer. In this course, you’ll find 6.5 hours of content, including 38 in-depth lectures on topics like building apps, database modeling, HTML, CSS, using the Rails console, and more. . To practice your new RoR skills, you will work on developing a production application from start to finish.

Obtain Complete Ruby on Rails for $18 (normally $20).

The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle

If you want to accelerate your RoR knowledge, you will need this bootcamp certification pack. This pack includes five full courses, for a total of 42 hours of training. In this bootcamp bundle, you’ll learn everything from the basics of Ruby to the steps needed to build your own apps.

You’ll also learn deeper skills, including the ability to manage security credentials for Ruby applications.

Get the Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle for $35.99 (normally $1,000).

The Complete Ruby Programmer Course

The Complete Ruby Programmer Course includes 247 lectures and over 13 hours of content. In this course, students learn everything there is to know about Ruby, including how to install Ruby on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, how to use the command line, object-oriented programming, task automation and a wide range of other concepts.

Get the Complete the Ruby Programmer course for $12 (normally $200).

Ruby on Rails for Beginners

This is the ultimate course for RoR beginners with no prior programming experience. Over 57 lectures, students learn the basics of RoR, including basic configuration, how to use templates, how to work with user accounts, and how to test code.

Ruby on Rails for Beginners is a great foundation course that you can take before diving into the more involved courses on this list.

Obtain Ruby on Rails for Beginners for $10 (normally $549).

The Complete Ruby on Rails Great Bundle

The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle includes 10 courses and 106 hours of hands-on RoR training. Students begin by diving into the basics of Ruby on Rails and Ruby programming.

Throughout the other courses, students learn other programming concepts such as using operators and basic debugging. At the end of this comprehensive training program, you will be coding with Ruby on Rails.

Get the Complete the Ruby on Rails Super Bundle for $39 (normally $3,000).

Create a weather app with Ruby on Rails

With a bit of Ruby experience under your belt, you’ll be ready to tackle this course, where you’ll use your skills to create a fully functional ozone air quality monitoring weather app. Even better, this masterclass can be completed in as little as two hours.

Obtain Create a weather app with Ruby on Rails for $19.99 (normally $200).

Pay What You Want: The Complete Set of Ruby on Rails Masterclasses

This bundle is a deep dive into Ruby on Rails, featuring 11 comprehensive courses and over 200 hours of instruction. As you progress through the bundle, you will learn to code with Ruby and become a professional developer.

The complete Ruby on Rails Master Class package is offered as a “pay what you want” course through TechRepublic Academy. Beat the average price and you’ll take home the complete set for one low price.

Get the Complete set of Ruby on Rails master classes pay what you want ($867 value).


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