Clever Packing Tricks You Shouldn’t Travel Without Folding Clothes


With summer fast approaching and vacations booked, ensuring baggage meets airline regulations is a tricky part of flying.

Airlines such as EasyJet, Jet2 and Ryanair have previously announced that they will allow passengers to take one piece of hand luggage with them on flights free of charge.

This bag must fit under the seat in front of you and if too large it may be subject to a charge.

British Airways has a calculator tool because the prices of their bags vary depending on the route you take.

They do, however, have a flat rate cost of £65 for being overweight, which cannot exceed 32kg to be allowed on the flight.

Many airlines now only allow one carry-on bag per customer

This prompted an online search for packaging hacks. Instagram and TikTok are full of certain tips and tricks that will allow travelers to maximize their baggage allowances.

Recently, Emirates cabin crew spoke with The mirror on clever ways to pack for a flight and insisted that the first thing travelers need to do is make a packing list.

When packing, instead of neatly folding and layering clothes in bags, it is better to roll them up for more space.

Not only does this make more space, but rolling the clothes also ensures that there are fewer wrinkles during travel.

There are many ways to ensure passengers can fit more in their luggage
There are many ways to ensure passengers can fit more in their luggage

Travelers can also use compression bags which include packing clothes into a bag, deploying any excess air, and packing the bag into carry-on luggage. However, with this it is important to bring a steamer or an iron with you as there can be a lot of creases.

For those who really want to maximize their space, they can vacuum their bags. All you have to do is put your clothes in a trash bag and wrap the bag around the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum will remove all the air – reducing the size up to four times.

Good organization is essential
Good organization is essential

Previously, 22-year-old mother Sue Radford took to Instagram to share her top packing tips and the one fans praised her for was to use packing bags and cubes.

Sue revealed that each child had their own cube for their holiday clothes, where they could put several cubes in a suitcase.

While Emirates cabin crew have a tip holidaymakers should remember: carry their heaviest item during the flight.

This ensures that their best bits can come with them without fear of having to take up space in bags – or being left behind.

Recently, flight attendant Miguel Muñoz shared a hack to carry extra bag for free .

Dubbed the “duty-free hack”, it revealed how, by using a duty-free carry bag, passengers can take an extra bag with them during their flight, as “duty-free bags do not count as carry-on baggage”.

Most people are unaware of this rule, and for those who struggle with making sure their belongings all fit in one suitcase or that your luggage weighs the right amount, this could be a game-changer.

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