Confusing photo of sausage dogs leaves people confused as to how many dogs are in the photo


Owner Mandy Whitnall is ‘addicted’ to adopting dachshunds and now has 12 who have all cuddled together on her sofa next to her Jack Russell – and she could end up with more

Mandy and Alec Whitnall have 13 dogs in total

A pet owner has puzzled people with a snap of his sleepy sausage dogs – as everyone wonders how much poo is in the photo.

Mandy Whitnall, 39, captured the ‘dreamy’ snap of her 12 dachshunds huddled up for an afternoon nap on her three-seater sofa.

After sharing it on social media, licensed breeder Mandy quickly realized that people were struggling to make head or tail of the picture as all the pups melt into a “sea of fur”.

But the adorable pooch of a dozen dachshunds is not an uncommon sight for Mandy or her husband Alec Whitnall, 48, and usually also includes the couple’s Jack Russell.

The cuddly dogs love to pile on the sofa for group naps after every meal and their daily walks – although Mandy and business owner Alec have plenty of dog beds all over their house.

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Owner Mandy captured her 12 huddled dachshunds


Kennedy News and Media)

Mandy Whitnall with her beloved sausage dogs


Kennedy News and Media)

Mandy, from Cambridge, said: “People said they had to count so many times to find out how many dogs there were in the picture because there were only heads, feet, tails and fur everywhere.

“A lot of people who saw the photo said we’re living the dream. It’s a beautiful sea of ​​fur.

“All the dogs come in and pass out on the couch. It’s pretty cute how they’re all laying on top of each other. It’s like they all just melt into each other.

“You think ‘it can’t be comfortable’ but they have to be because they’ll be there for hours. They have beds everywhere so they don’t have to be piled on top of each other.

“They’re so warm all huddled up like that. It’s nice for them, especially in winter.

“I think it’s partly because of the breed. Dachshunds are really affectionate and cuddly dogs and our Jack Russell thinks he’s a dachshund anyway.”

The dog-mad couple’s pets include dachshunds Saffi, 15, Maisie, 10, Dolly and Lady, eight, Teddy, seven, Sophie and Piper, five, Rosa and Shelby, four, Maddie, 10 months and Jack Russell Ruby. , four.

The couple also have a Jack Russell called Ruby


Kennedy News and Media)

Although she already has 13 pooches, Mandy said she and Alec still struggle with not keeping all the puppies from every litter they take in because the breed is “addictive.”

Mandy said: “Dachshunds are addictive. You can’t have just one.

“They’re so great. They’re so loving and so much fun. They make us laugh so much.

“And they love going out. People think they’re purse dogs but they’re not. We have lots of beautiful countryside near us and they love going out, they run for miles.

“It’s a really good bunch of dogs. They all have such a great relationship. We never have fights or anything like that.

“To be honest, we struggle with not keeping all the puppies. When they go to their new home, I get really emotional, it’s really sad.

“But when people come looking for them, especially if they have kids, and you see their excited faces, it makes up for it.

“And we keep in touch with everyone, people send us updates and photos. They’re all going to such beautiful homes and having a fabulous time.”

Bamboozled dog fans on social media were quick to express their confusion at the sight of so many dogs on one couch.

One user said, “What a show! How many are there?”

A second suggested: “That would be a good quiz. Count the dashes!”

One user guessed: “Am I counting 14 dogs???!!!”

Another added: “My idea of ​​what heaven looks like.”

A fifth said: ‘Well, I’ve heard of a sausage sandwich, but a sausage canape is new to me!’

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