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The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) recently conducted a survey to see what percentage of Canadians have turned to the great outdoors in an attempt to relieve pandemic-related stressors.

Of the 2,000 survey responses, 82% said they were spending time in nature as new rounds of restrictions and closures swept the country, while 37% also said they were spending more time outdoors. outdoors than before the start of the pandemic. in March 2020.

Spending time outdoors has many health benefits, especially in these uncertain times. Some of these benefits include reduced stress, improved emotional states, and healthier physical well-being.

Kayla Burak, Nature Conservancy Engagement Manager, mentions some ways to get involved with nature during the winter months,

“I would highly recommend snow tracking,” Burak said. “We have webinars on our events website, on Nature, there was a winter tracking webinar linked to it, but even if you just google winter wildlife, you will find a wealth of resources,”

Burak also said there is a map of Canada where you can find the nearest conservation areas to visit on

Nature is a perfect place to safely connect with others while enjoying the sunlight, taking a walk, hiking, running, or even biking while social distancing.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, Burak recommends heading to the Nature Conservancy of Canada or Nature Destinations websites for tips on how to better enjoy nature.

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