Cricket Betting Tips & Match Predictions: Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022 – Ruby Trichy Warriors vs Chepauk Super Gillies – 12th Match


Ruby Trichy Warriors vs. Chepauk Super Gillies – Game 12

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The 2022 Tamil Nadu Premier League Match 12 will be played on the 6th July 2022 between Ruby Trichy Warriors and Chepauk Super Gillies at NPR College Ground, Dindigul.

LIVE SCORES – Ruby Trichy Warriors vs. Chepauk Super Gillies – Game 12

Current form of the Ruby Trichy Warriors:

Ruby Trichy Warriors lost their last game against IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans by 4 wickets.

Battling first, Ruby Trichy Warriors were held by IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans to a low 157 for 6 from 20 overs.

Murali Vijay started well for Ruby Trichy Warriors and broke 34 out of 16 balls. Apart from him, no other batter relayed any resistance to IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans bowling attack and hence their innings never really got off the ground. Eventually, they were held to an under-par total of 157 in 20 overs.

During the chase, IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans lost 2 wickets for just 17 runs. After this phase, Subramanian Anand and Maan Bafna beat well and instilled hope for a successful pursuit. Anand was dismissed after hitting 35 out of 26 balls. Bafna was also promptly dismissed and IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans had all sorts of problems. That’s when the duo of Tushar Raheja and M Mohammed teamed up and started smashing the Ruby Trichy Warriors bowlers from all directions of the floor. Mohammed went 29 from just 15 balls while Tushar scored 42 from 26 balls. Both batters didn’t come out and brought their team home in the 19th with 4 wickets in hand.

Current form Chepauk Super Gillies:

Chepauk Super Gillies lost their last game against Siechem Madurai Panthers by 4 wickets.

Batting first, Chepauk Super Gillies were limited to 135 for 8 of 20 overs by Siechem Madurai Panthers.

The first order of Chepauk Super Gillies simply fell like a deck of cards. This created immense pressure on the mid-order hitters. Uthirasamy Sasidev played a brilliant 58-for-43 innings under pressure but failed to bring his team to a safe total as the other batsmen failed to deliver.

For Siechem Madurai Panthers, L Kiran Akash picked up 3 wickets for 34 runs.

During the chase, Siechem Madurai Panthers lost V Aditya early in the innings. After his dismissal, Arun Karthik and B Anirudh Sita Ram were involved in a second 50-run wicket partnership. Arun Karthik went 31 from 22 while Sita Ram scored 58 from 41. Sita Ram made sure he didn’t offer his wicket stayed until the last drop to win the game for his side in the 19th with 4 wickets in hand.

[mpu-4[mpu-4[mpu-4[mpu-4Let’s see the teams:

Chepauk Super Gillies

Arun, S Vijayakumar, Rajagopal Stahish, R Ajith Kumar, RS Jaganath Srinivas, V Santhana Sekar, Manimaran Siddharth, S Sujay, S Harish Kumar, V Arun Kumar, H Prasidh Akash, R Sai Kishore – Traded, Narayan Jagadeesan, V Sai Prakash , M Kaushik Gandhi, R Alexander, U Sasidev, Sonu Yadav – traded, D Rahul, Sandeep Warrier, R Nilesh, Subramanian, S Radhakrishnan

RUBY Trichy Warrior Squad

Akash Sumra, ME Yazh Arun Mozhi, M Poiyamozhi, Rahil S Shah, S Santosh Shiv, W Antony Dhas, Aditya Ganesh, Nidhish S Rajagopal, R Ganesh, Sumant Jain, Muhammed Adnan Khan, P Saravana Kumar, VP Amith Sathvik, G Hemanth Kumar, K Mukunth, G Karthick Shanmugam, B Rahul, Sunil Sam, M Mathivanan, R Karthik

Cricket Betting Tips & Match Predictions* – PrePlay

Who will win the draw? –Chepauk Super Gillies

Who will win?– Chepauk Super Gillies

Best batsman (runs scored) – Narayan Jagadeesan (Chepauk Super Gillies), Murali Vijay (Ruby Trichy Warriors)

Top Bowler (wickets taken) – R Alexander (Chepauk Super Gillies), P Saravana Kumar (Ruby Trichy Warriors)

Most of the six – Narayan Jagadeesan (Chepauk Super Gillies), Murali Vijay (Ruby Trichy Warriors)

player of the match – Narayan Jagadeesan (Chepauk Super Gillies)

Team to score first – Chepauk Super Gillies 160+, Ruby Trichy Warriors 150+

Match Handicap: Chepauk Super Gillies

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*NB these predictions may be changed closer to the start of the match once the final starting squads have been announced and we will be launching ‘in-game’ features, so stay tuned.

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