Deva Ren Prime, Narumaki, Inferno and Ashen Storm


Shindo Life, inspired by Naruto in a Roblox environment, stood out from other anime-themed titles due to its immense gameplay and features. Players must compete against other players to become the deadliest ninja on the server.

Roblox Shindo Life includes many in-game items and spells that have evolved. They can also battle and defeat the most powerful NPCs on the map to level up.

Since the start of the game, players have encountered various issues that have been resolved as quickly as possible. Shindo Life, which averages around 30,000 players, receives frequent codes and updates from developers to further enhance the Roblox experience. The most recent patch brought bug fixes and minor market adjustments were added.

The latest update caused a stir in the Roblox Shindo Life community

Last week’s quilt

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  • Dynamic Stomp Barrage startup changed to knuckle crunch
  • Stormbreaker Light damage buff
  • Raion Gaiden/Sengoku Gaiden added to FGH
  • Narumaki’s 3rd move changed to STUN 2, cooldown reduced

Known bug fixes in Roblox Shindo Life

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  • Glitch Fix: Shiki Hurricane teleporting behind
  • Glitch Fix: try to fix the hair on the first try
  • Bug fix: light/dark/gold jokei 1st double chi socket
  • Fixed a bug: Saberu 2nd double chi grip
  • Glitch Fix: Pyromania 4th move double chi take
  • Glitch Fix: flying spam blocked
  • Bugfix: Raion Ren/Azure/Sen 2nd move to spam twice
  • Glitch fix: Dynamic Stomp Barrage added to VBN
  • Bugfix: Bruce Dragon Combo added to VBN
  • Glitch Fix: Sei (gen 1 and 2) and the bunny-tailed spirit can use their Z specs multiple times
  • Glitch Fix: Sei (gen 1 and 2) and the bunny-tailed spirit being able to duplicate moves.
  • Kenichi’s moves will not have a hand sign start, replaced with knuckle crunches
  • Kenichi 3rd move: increased ragdoll
  • Ryuji Kenichi’s moves will not have a hand sign start, replaced with knuckle crunches
  • Dangan beast m1 ragdolls

Shop update in Roblox Shindo Life

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  • Spinnable and buyable Deva Sengoku
  • Tyn Cloak (both capes) reduced prices
  • Gura-Rengoku Skin (Deva Rengoku)

Deva Rengoku Rework / Deva Ren Prime Patch

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  • Deva Shake Effect
  • Move an automatic earthquake tracking sphere
  • Move two dashes to the earthquake barrage
  • Move three giant AOE earthquake rain meteors onto the almighty top
  • q spec – gravity field
  • c spec – chibaku tensei meter
  • New Deva Rengoku, open pts dawn dress

Narumaki crest

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  • Narumaki original stage 1 c spec glitch fix (no effect)
  • Narumaki 3rd movement reduced chi
  • Improved the range of Narumaki’s 1st move
  • Fixed Narumaki Ruby moveset color
  • Removed knockdown from Narumaki m1
  • Remove timer from Narumaki 2nd mode
  • Hyper Armor/Invincible will no longer be slowly stunned or affected by m1s

Ashen Storm Crest

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  • Removed m1 knockdown from Ashen Storm mode
  • 1st move: Teleport kicks in the air combo, instead of teleporting in and out
  • 2nd movement: reduce the effects
  • 3rd move: Lightning blade rush but with lightning (based on Menza)
  • q spec: transform the current c spec into a q spec
  • c spec: cinder storm subjutsu base, turn it into storm lock, long stun

Inferno Crest

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  • Inferno 1st move free control/air combo starter
  • Inferno 1st move, Hyper Armor time increase (m1 priority)
  • Inferno 2nd turned into flight/travel move
  • Inferno 3rd move leaves behind burning AOE

What is the Roblox Shindo Life update about?

The changes to the “Blood Lines” became the buzz of the town. Blood Lines are one of the strongest powers in the Roblox Shindo Life universe, and the Naruto franchise heavily influences their origins. Eye Bloodlines, Clan Bloodlines and Elemental Bloodlines are the three different types of Blood Line. There are currently hundreds of Blood Lines in the game, each with extraordinary power.

Of the many Blood Lines, changes have been made to Ashen Storm, Narumaki, Inferno, and Deva Ren Prime.

Rengoku or Deva Ren Prime is none other than Rinnegan; Naruto fans will recognize this and players will be able to deploy abilities similar to Rinnegan’s. AOE Damage and Quake spells have been improved.

Narumaki is a popular bloodline as she is inspired by Naruto, the anime’s main protagonist, as all of her moves and spells are based on him. Knockback has been removed, but several other buffs have been added. The timer for the second form has been removed, the range has been slightly improved, and the chi for the third move has been reduced.

The Ashen Storm Blood Line is famous for its lightning-fast moves and massive area damage. Moveset damage slightly reduced and first move knockback removed. Players did, however, receive an excellent stun-based bonus. Storm Lock stun duration increased.

Non-Blood Line move slots can be filled with Inferno’s move sets as needed. This bloodline is based on black flames and its dps damage. Inferno received some nice buffs in this patch, as the third move now leaves a burning trail of aoe when performed, and the second move has been turned into a travel move. Stun 2 cooldown has also been reduced.

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