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FOLLOWING our report on abandonment rates in Cumbria, we have worked alongside animal rescues in the area to produce a list of animals still waiting for their forever homes.


Meet Jesse

Meet the lovely Jess, who is a 9 year old American Bulldog. Jess loves cuddling and relaxing in the rescue center office. Jess has lived happily with children, although the rescue center is looking for a home for adults or with older children (12+). As an older woman, Jess will be better suited to a slightly calmer lifestyle. She enjoys her walks and generally walks well on a leash.


News and Star: Meet AlfieMeet Alfie

Meet handsome Alfie, who is a 6-year-old Whippet crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Alfie is an affectionate young boy who enjoys being around people and being cuddled on the sofa! Alf likes a quiet and calm home, so a home without children is perfect for him. He could possibly be rehomed with another dog and wants a secure yard so he can be off his leash.


News and Star: Meet MaceyMeet Macey

Meet Macey, she’s a 3 year old Lurcher. Macey loves attention, attention, attention and is a very likeable girl. Her idea of ​​having fun is unfortunately chasing cats, so she can’t live with little hairs. His other loves in life receive hugs and long sniffy rides. Poor Macey suffers from separation anxiety and can’t be left alone. It can be accommodated with sensitive children.


News and Star: Meet ToffeeMeet the caramel

Meet the smart little (big) Toffee who is a one year old Belgian Malinois. Toffee is not your typical dog, so she is looking for a special home. She is full of energy and loves to learn, so she needs an owner who has plenty of free time. Toffee needs a home with owners who are willing to do activities or sports that can keep her mentally stimulated. This friendly giant needs a big garden and a home without children.



News and Star: Meet RonnieMeet Ronnie

Meet Ronnie, a two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This big smiling boy is very excited and looking for a new home. Ronnie is very friendly and loves attention. He loves his walks and likes to explore every nook and cranny. He needs a decent sized, secure garden that he can call his own. He cannot live with other pets, but could possibly live with teenage children.


News and Star: Meet DougieMeet Dougie

Meet Dougie, an 8 year old crossed with a Bulldog.Staffordshire Bull Terrier. During his time with the rescue, they saw incredible progress in his training and demeanor. Dougie will thrive in a home in a quiet location where he can continue to have a stable routine. Doug loves learning new tricks! He’s a smart boy, so his wit has to be put to good use.


News and Star: Meet the Magicmeet the magic

Meet Magic, is an 11-year-old long-haired maid. Magic is a beautiful old lady who has unfortunately lost her sight. For this reason, she will need a spacious home with owners who can help her get used to her new surroundings. Magic is loving and although she can’t see, she will always find her way to you to make a fuss of. This little lady needs a quiet home without children or other pets.


News and Star: Meet KellyMeet Kelly

Meet Kelly, an 8-year-old short-haired maid. Kelly likes to be around you for cuddles, hugs and head bumps. She can have a bit of a cattitude on odd occasions, so it would be best to house her with adults who will understand that she can sometimes like her own space. Kelly is an indoor cat who needs outside supervision.


News and Star: Meet RubyMeet Ruby

Eleven-year-old Ruby is looking for her very special home. Ruby was entrusted to us after the death of her owner. She has been accustomed to a quiet house with limited outside access. Ruby is an adorable girl who likes to have company. She would be best as a single pet. Ruby is diabetic and will need to be fed some type of suitable food. Ruby will also need insulin injections twice a day.

Contact Oak Tree Animals’ Charity to learn more about the 8 animals above


News and Star: Meet LunaMeet Luna

Meet Luna who is a year-old Lurcher. Luna is a very nice girl, she is full of energy and can be very enthusiastic when meeting new people. She is good with dogs, can walk well on a leash and knows basic commands. Luna spent more than a third of her short life in rescue kennels.


News and Star: Meet MapleMeet the Maple

Mapple is a 7-year-old short-haired servant. Maple is a middle-aged woman who would like a home where there is someone because she enjoys human company. She would like to go out where she can explore or find a sunny place to doze off. Maple would like to be the only cat but could live with a cat friendly dog. She can also live with school-aged children. Maple has been under cover for 83 days and has had no suitable interest.

If you can offer Luna or Maple a home, please contact Animal Rescue: [email protected]


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