East Cobb Real Estate Sales for the week of April 11, 2022

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The following deeds for East Cobb residential real estate sales were filed the week of April 11th with the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office Real Estate Service.

Addresses include postal codes, and the names of subdivisions and school districts are in parentheses:

April 11

4870 Rockford Ridge Drive, 30066 (Greyson Ridge, Kell): William Morrill Jr. to Kylee and David Howard; $600,000

4531 High Rock Terrace, 30066 (Highland Pointe, Lassiter): Marc and Mary Kallaoun to Andrew and Kelsey Bunker; $785,000

1130 Blackwell Road, 30066 (Sprayberry): Chris Lucas to Orchard Homes III LLC; $750,000

3448 Windrige Road, 30066 (Blackwell, Sprayberry): Shaadie Khoury at OpenDoor Property Trust I; $357,000

838 Stansbury Drive, 30066 (Colleton Plantation, Sprayberry): Andrew Alicea in Nancy and Tarabay Fakhreddine; $495,000

3492 Princeton Corners Drive, 30062 (Princeton Corners, Walton): Joseph and Jessica Vicars to Kathryn and John Rainer; $700,000

3209 Royal Oak Drive, 30068 (Walton): Anthony Rintala to Rohan Kelkar; $1.95 million

2293 Collinsworth Drive, 30062 (East Lake Ridge, Wheeler): Carol Jones to Uavechanichkul Jaed; $355,000

896 Fawn Way, 30068 (Fawn-Quail Ridge/Pinecrest): Roy & Rafie Homes LLC to Thomas Kalousek and Kaitlin Monson; $555,000

2313 Bent Pine Overlook (Spring Creek, Wheeler): Michael Henry to Olana Peavey and Timothy Daniel Jr., $450,000

249 East Valley Drive, 30067 (East Valley Estates, Wheeler): Jimmie Stockie at OpenDoor Property Trust; $458,000

April 12

4452 Inlet Road, 30075 (Lamplighter Cove, Kell): Ruby Clayton to Maty Juarez; $375,000

4484 South Landing Drive, 30066 (North Landing, Kell): James Michael Turner and Ariel Crooks to Steven Klenk; $390,000

4053 Longford Drive, 30066 (Longford, Kell): Dexter Huggins to Wallace and Tamara Fulmer; $401,000

4062 Wesley Chapel Road, 30062 (Lassiter): Douglas Dobbins to Erin and Luke Hayes; $520,000

4201 Manor House Drive, 30062 (Mar-Lanta, Pope): Jaclyn Loy to Donald and Kimberly Hartley; $471,000

1833 Tree Top Short, 30066 (Piedmont Bend, Sprayberry): Robert Busby to Jeffrey Linderman; $475,000

1775 Poinsettia Drive, 30062 (Hasty Acres, Sprayberry): Ian Woolworth to Robin Adele Reed; $475,000

865 Fox Hollow Drive, 30068 (Fox Hollow, Walton): N-Rae LLC to Isabell and Jason Wells; $625,000

399 Lott Ave, 30067 (Cloverdale Heights, Wheeler): Jordan Fernie to Jill and Andrew McTyre; $365,000

4340, chemin du moulin à papier, 30067 (Atlanta Country Club, Walton): 12 Bray LLC to Christal Bemont and Stephen Roberts; $4.7 million

April 13

4999 Turtle Rock Drive, 30066 (Turtle Rock, Lassiter): Torque System Co. Ltd. to Hyper Cat Co. Ltd. ; $318,000

Way of the house 2020, 30066 (Course at Ebenezer, Sprayberry): Traton LLC to Richard and Carole Glaser; $640,000

1312 Nantahala Trail, 30062 (Indian Ridge, Walton): Jing Xu to Marion and Melchor Gomeyac; $695,000

3312 Birchfield Court, 30068 (Indian Hills, Wheeler): Brandon Burnett at OpenDoor Property Trust; $550,800

April 14

3475 Cochran Shore Cove, 30062 (Cochran Lakes Shores, Lassiter): BH Cochran LLC to Bercher Homes LLC; $297,807

3479 Cochran Shore Cove, 30062 (Cochran Lakes Shores, Lassiter): BH Cochran LLC to Bercher Homes LLC; $297,807

2465 castle lane, 30062 (Newcastle, Pope): Timothy Burson to Paul Findlay; $464,000

3791 Lower Roswell Road, 30068 (Walton): LRMB Homes LLC to Sophie Tan and Xiang Ao; $935,000

171 Shadowlawn Road, 30068 (Fox Hills, Wheeler): Peter Wagner at OpenDoor Property Trust; $434,000

3558 Turtle Cove Yard, 30067 (Dover Mitcham, Wheeler): Gleaves Daiquiri to Catherine and Lawrie Jordan; $650,000


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