Electric vehicle explosion causes fire in Hyderabad showroom, hotel kills 8


A fire followed by an explosion in an electric two-wheeler at an electric vehicle showroom in the parking lot of a luxury hotel in Secunderabad. The explosion was captured by a CCTV camera at the Ruby Luxury Hotel in Secunderabad. In the video, it can be seen that there was smoke in what looked like a closed parking space, the smoke was followed by an explosion resulting in a fire. Also Read – Kia India Introduces India’s Fastest Electric Charging Stations for EVs

The fire is believed to have killed eight people and injured a dozen or more. The fire in the parking lot and basement causes it to spread to the entire building. In the images shared online, we can see the name of the showroom as “Ruby Electric Scooter”.

The Ministry of Roads is said to have requested a detailed report on the fire and its probable causes. Currently, there are no details on the exact model of electric scooter that caught fire. However, the sign outside the Ruby Luxury Hotel displays the Gemopai scooter banner. This new incident adds to a long list of electric vehicle fires that took place earlier this year.

Companies such as PureEV, Okinawa Autotech and even Ola Electric have been under government scrutiny for similar electric vehicle fire accidents. However, the latest case caused the maximum number of deaths.

The government has already released a draft notice to publish new battery safety requirements, including battery management systems. The draft notification was released earlier this month.


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