ESO gives players tips on how best to prepare for High Isle’s launch today


The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is coming to PC/Mac today and consoles June 21. The next big chapter in ESO includes a new area, a new storyline, the Tales of Tribute card game, and new adventures. In order to best prepare adventurers for the next leg of their journey, ESO has listed some tips to help players better prepare for what lies ahead.

High Isle is all about the Bretons, so it’s time to don shining armor and become the embodiment of chivalrous ideals. Players can join the Fighters Guild, perhaps pick up the One Hand and Shield weapon skill line, or they can just use the outfit system to watch the game in Breton style, Daggerfall Covenant style, Knight of the Circle or the Ebony style.

Players who want to experience the type of characters they will encounter during their adventures in High Isle should head to the Glenumbra zone, which is part of the base game content of ESO, and research the adventure. Next, players looking to level up characters and earn loot can venture into Ascending Tide’s two DLC dungeons. The quests for these PvE activities set the stage for the upcoming Legacy of the Bretons adventure while introducing some of the characters and villains players will encounter in the High Isle Chapter.

This next tip might seem a bit obvious, but players will want to make sure they’ve completed the High Isle prologue in order to continue the storyline as soon as possible. Finally, the last thing ESO recommends is to study the new card game, Tales of Tribute. Fortunately, we already have an article that has you covered.

While PC and Mac gamers can enjoy High Isle today, console gamers still have some time to study and prepare for ESO’s next chapter and should take the time to do so.

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