Every Character Recast In The Arrowverse (And Why The Actors Left)


The Arrowverse is set to end next year when “The Flash” says goodbye, but even as the DC TV universe has begun to falter, it’s still been revamped. The latest came courtesy of “Black Lightning,” who recast one of its main characters midway through its final season. ‘ANT Farm’ star China Anne McClain played hero Jefferson’s daughter, Jennifer, aka Lightning, for most of the series, but was suddenly replaced by ‘The Wonder Years’ actress Laura Kariuki five episodes in season 4.

Similar to Mr. Mxyzptlk’s shapeshifting in “Supergirl,” “Black Lightning” had a narrative explanation for why JJ suddenly looked different. The hero basically exploded an episode earlier, but Technician Gambi was able to reassemble his energy particles. In a true moment “one way or another, Palpatine came back”, Gambi explains that “something in the process of transmutation must have caused the genes responsible for his appearance to express themselves in a new way” . Sure!

In real life, McClain was reportedly close to leaving the show before it was officially canceled. In an Instagram video (via Entertainment Weekly), the actor said she left “for different reasons, which, to be honest, I don’t want to get into,” but also referenced the COVID-19 quarantine. as an influencing factor. “This industry for what it is and everything that people watch and praise, it’s not important,” she said via Instagram, explaining that she will instead focus on “doing the work of God”. Kariuki played the role of Jennifer for the final part of the series.


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