Fall 22 Major Museum Exhibits in Houston


Houston’s diverse and extensive collection of museums offers locals and visitors the opportunity to experience art, history, and science year-round. But beyond the permanent offerings of these institutions, the temporary exhibitions offer patrons unique experiences, for a limited time only. Check out some of the limited-engagement exhibits coming to Houston museums this fall.

In her first solo exhibition, artist Diane Severin Nguyen draws on the short film If revolution is a disease to create a variety of works ranging from photographs and a new video installation to a public art commission in the form of billboards across Houston. The original film set in Warsaw, Poland follows the character of an orphan Vietnamese child who is part of a South Korean pop dance group. According Houston Museum of Contemporary Art“Nguyen’s work considers the process of finding shared symbols and naming oneself within another’s regime, while positioning youth culture as a critical and crucial site of revolutionary power.” From October 28 to February 26. learn more

Memory sites at DiverseWorks. Credit: Charlie Kitchen

Memory sites is an exhibition featuring newly commissioned and recent works by San Antonio-based artist Jenelle Esparza and Houston-based artist Verónica Gaona. In this innovative exhibition at Various works, the two come together to explore the impermanent nature of the earth and its residual energy through the use of objects, earth materials and living, historical research. This exhibition is based on conversations between the artists as they explore the impacts of migration, family heritage, transnationality, migratory labor and ideas related to rest. Sites of Memory is the next iteration of Overlapping Territories, an ongoing project about interconnected relationships with the land, curated by Ashley DeHoyos. From September 24 to November 5. learn more

German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon created a large number of painted works in the early 1940s while in hiding from the Nazis. Houston Holocaust Museum show now Life? Or theatre? an exhibition featuring over 200 gouaches by Solomon (similar to watercolours) on paper. The plays tell the “lightly fictionalized and theatrically imagined” story of Salomon’s family, from a complicated family life growing up in Berlin to the artist’s exile in France. Salomon was deported to Auschwitz alongside her new husband in 1943 where she was killed shortly after arriving. Until December 4. learn more

German master artists Gerd and Patrick Dreher are famous for their miniature sculptures of animals in ruby, sapphire, topaz and other gemstones. Previous generations of the Dreher family cut stones for Carl Fabergé and today the same techniques are used at the company headquarters in Idar-Oberstein. In Drehar Masterpieces currently exhibited at Houston Museum of Natural Sciencesome of the most sought-after pieces produced by the Drehers are brought together in a dazzling special exhibit. Until May 2023. learn more

What about our origins that influence our creative expression? This is a key question explored in Lo que me queda de tu amor (What’s left of your love for me) opening September 17 at the Lawndale Art Center. The exhibition examines how artists from different backgrounds carry and transmit personal, family, cultural and community stories from one generation to the next. Mainstream American culture traditionally values ​​and presents these stories differently than the community members themselves. Curated by Francis Almendárez and Mary Montenegro, the exhibition highlights how artists use, challenge and rework traditional notions of archives. From September 17 to December 10. learn more

Samuel Fosso: African Spirits at Menil Collection

Now visible at Menil collectionSAmuel Fosso: African Spirits features the artist’s 14 large-scale analog photographs – all self-portraits imagining the artist as prominent black figures. The series completed in 2008 shows Fosso as famous personalities including Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X and others. Each image recreates a key, recognizable photo of that individual, from the police photo of King after his arrest in 1956 to the iconic image of Ali on the cover of Esquire. African Spirits is presented in conjunction with the 2022 FotoFest Biennial and African Cosmologies Redux. Until January 2023. learn more

More than 140 works from Jewish communities around the world are currently on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Beauty and Ritual, Judaica from the Jewish Museum, New York is the first of a series of presentations at the MFAH of the famous collection of the New York institution. The exhibition explores the artistic, ritual and cultural significance of works from communities ranging from Central Asia to North Africa and Western Europe. Three themed galleries offer a glimpse through art of the transformation of communities over time: “The Art of the Synagogue: Adorning the Torah”, “A Day of Rest: The Shine of the Sabbath” and “Au- beyond the synagogue and the house: Light of the Hanukkah Menorah. Until September 18. learn more

Indigenous art often offers insight into complex and distinctive cultures. In Golden World: the portable universe of Colombian nativesa, we get a glimpse of ancient Colombian culture through approximately 400 works created before the arrival of Europeans. Pieces range from finely cast gold pendants and hammered gold masks to ceramic effigies of fantastical creations and rare textiles. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston The exhibition also includes reconstructions of landscapes, archaeological sites and collaborations that add context to the objects themselves. From November 6 to April 2023. learn more

A new exhibition at Houston Space Center brings NASA’s long-awaited Artemis mission to life for visitors. The recently opened Artemis The exhibit is actually a permanent installation for the center, telling the story of the historic program that will return humans to the Moon for the first time in more than 50 years. Artemis, which will put the first woman and person of color on the lunar surface, aims to be a bridge to human missions to Mars. The highly interactive exhibit allows visitors to touch the layers of a moonwalking suit, design mission patches, create their own lunar habitat and more. In progress. learn more

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