Five awesome makeup tips to stop looking tired


“You look tired.” Three words you never want to hear. It’s bad enough when you deserve to look knackered. When you had a crazy night out that saw you gobble up a week’s worth of units and then get less than five hours. But when did you actually get a good night’s sleep? It’s depressing.

I have been asked if I am tired several times recently. Call it age, single-parent vacation juggling, energy bill anxiety — whatever, it has an effect. Forget resting female dog face – I have a slack resting face. I have been here before. And the good news is, being a beauty editor, I know how to counter it.

In the two decades I’ve done this job, I’ve soaked up all the insider tips and tricks from makeup artists. I’ve witnessed how they can take a jaded, faded celebrity straight from LA’s red eye and make them look fresh and radiant, like they’ve slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and never had consumed only green juice for a week. So what’s the score?

Well, it’s first of all about accepting that after 30 years you’ll have to make a little effort. Oh, I know we all yearn for the bare-faced carelessness of a ’90s Kate Moss, that off-duty model aesthetic that looks clean, entirely makeup-free. Newsflash, even Mossy can’t do this anymore. It’s going to take minimal effort to look effortlessly radiant. But not much, I promise. Five minutes max.

I’m calling my friend Caroline Barnes. She’s a makeup artist with many celebrities on speed dial and has a reputation for transforming tired faces. Follow these awesome tips and you’ll soon hear those three best words: “Were you away?” »

1. Be strategic with your concealer.

“Darkness and shadow make a face look tired,” says Barnes. She suggests adding light by putting concealer under the eyes and around the nose. “The important thing is that whatever concealer you use is opaque. All those super sheer, brightening formulations don’t last or cover enough. Me? I find that drawing a stroke of concealer from the outer corner of my eye all the way to the pony tail from my forehead and then blending in really helps lift the whole area, just like a dot of concealer on the inside corner.

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