Fix every broken via to bring this game back to life


We all know the havoc that water in the wrong place can do to an electronic device, so we’ve probably all had devices damaged beyond repair. Should [Solderking] threw away the water-damaged circuit board from a Nintendo Pokemon Ruby cartridge? Sure it should, but when faced with a board where all the vias had succumbed to corrosion he took the less obvious route and fixed them.

Aside from some very fine welds in the video below, there is little unexpected. He removes the parts and tries to rework, but the reassembled board does not start. So he removes them again and this time he sands them down to copper again. It follows a repair of each flask on the board, sticking thin wires through the holes in a sponge and soldering the top, before turning it over and fixing the forest of wires on the other side. Fixing the ROM results in a rather difficult assembly involving the chip being mounted at an angle and extra wires going to its pads, which demonstrates the value of this story. It’s not about monetary value, it’s about persevering with some epic refinishing to get a PCB that eventually kicks in. Of course, a replacement card would make more sense. But that’s not the point, is it?


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