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If you ask around, most people will tell you that red is the color of love and life. It has been a symbol of these for ages, which is one of the reasons rubies make great gifts for gemstone jewelry and engagement rings. Stone possesses characteristics that make it glow under UV light, displaying an elegant fluorescence whenever exposed to natural sunlight.

It is no wonder that these beautiful rocks represent passion and romance. However, buying a ring for someone you love takes a lot of thought and consideration. You want to get it right from the start when considering planning your wedding ceremony, right? So the recipient can feel appreciated, loved, and probably say yes. In short, here are a few things you should know about ruby ​​rings before buying one.

1. What are rubies?

For starters, rubies are gemstones that range from pinkish-red to blood-red. They are made of the mineral corundum almost similar to what sapphires are made of. As one of the most renowned gemstones, rubies are quite durable and only next to diamond in the list of hardest gemstones on the planet. These gemstones can be found in a range of colors, including bright, dark, pinkish, or purplish red colors.

For their hardness, beauty, extreme durability and other qualities, rubies have been highly coveted for centuries in the world of fashion, love and jewelry. They can be included in various types of jewelry including bracelets, pendants, rings, and more.

2. Rubies can be natural or synthetic

In today’s technologically advanced world, you can get two main types of rubies on the market. These are natural and synthetic versions, with the former being more expensive and harder to find. Rings made from naturally formed rubies are obviously more valuable and coveted. The natural ruby ​​rings on this page should give you tons of ideas on what to get your other half for your engagement, anniversary, or any other special event where you need to express your love and passion.

3. What do the rubies symbolize?

Before purchasing a ruby ​​ring, it helps to know the message you are conveying to the recipient. As has been hinted at above, the color red symbolizes love, life, and romance, alongside passion, power, and energy. Rubies have also represented high rank and prosperity in the past due to their rarity.

4. Tips for buying a ruby ​​ring

Buying a ruby ​​ring can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In most cases, you may need to purchase the ruby ​​first before you can cut it and include it in the ring. Here are some tips you could use to make the rather difficult task easier.

i) Choose natural or synthetic

If you are on a budget, synthetic ruby ​​can be a great choice. These are rubies made in the lab by humans to look like natural rubies. The main difference is that synthetic rubies may not have the unique microscopic inclusions found in natural rubies.

ii) Know where to buy

Whether you are buying a ruby ​​ring online or in a store, you need to make sure that the seller is reliable and trustworthy. They should give you several options in terms of design, shape, and size. A good seller of ruby ​​rings should also have an extensive collection to choose from based on your comfortable price range. If you buy one online, make sure they have:

  • Experience
  • Great reputation
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Favorable return policies
  • Customization options

Ultimately, personalized ruby ​​rings are better and more impactful. Cut, shape and size should fit and suit the intended wearer. It should look great and not damage your pocket as a buyer on a budget. Most importantly, you want the recipient to like it!

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