‘Hacks’ Star Johnny Sibilly Talks About the Works That Shaped His Queer Identity


Right now, Johnny Sibilly has really done it. The 34-year-old actor stars in two of TV’s gayest shows, HBO’s hacks and the reboot of Peacock from Queer as Folk. When you ask Sibilly to star on two shows that are exactly what they are and unapologetically queer in every aspect of their DNA, he immediately lights up. “That’s one of the things I’ve said about this new influx of queer content,” he says. “It’s not like, ‘Here’s the ABCs for cis heterosexuals to understand what it’s like to be us.’ It’s more like, ‘Here we are, if you have Google, Google the sayings or the things,’ but it’s really refreshing.”

Sibilly, in general, is very proud of his filmography: for many roles he had to play, like Costas in Laid or even Wilson on hacks, for example, he was able to portray characters that challenge him as an actor and help change the way the media portrays queer people. His biggest role to date in this area is Noah on Queer as Folkan accomplished lawyer who, in the aftermath of the shooting in his community, struggles to lose his boyfriend and his addiction.

But that’s not all in Noah’s story, which is a big part of why Sibilly was thrilled to be a part of the reboot. He remembers seeing the first episode and then approaching creator Stephen Dunn in tears. “I was like, ‘I just feel like I’ve never met these people before.’ They don’t feel like composite characters, they feel fresh and new and it doesn’t feel like a box is ticked, it just feels like these people exist in the world. something incredibly important to Sibilly, and when he spoke to Thrillist about the pop culture he saw himself growing up in, characters who broke the norm were always his beacon.


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