Halo Infinite Cheaters Outrage Xbox Gamers Who Blame PC Crossplay


Frustrated Halo Infinite players are asking for optional crossplay to be implemented as cheats and aimbots start popping up on Xbox and PC.

Inevitable Infinite Halo cheaters frustrate Xbox console players, and some blame cross-play with PC. The latest in a long list of Halo Games, Infinite Halo released its free-to-play multiplayer component earlier this month, with a single-player campaign arriving on December 8. The game has already attracted a record number of players, with Infinite Halo topped the Steam charts the day it was released on PC. Most online FPS games are plagued by cheaters and hackers, so it only seemed like a matter of time before they struck. Infinite Halo.

Normally, cheats are more common in PC games, which means console gamers don’t have to worry about hacking as much. However, the latest controversy comes from Infinite Halo having crossplay enabled with no way to disable it. For this reason, console and PC gamers almost always play together. Cross-play between consoles and PC has been a point of contention in other games, especially FPS, where the debate over the superiority of mouse and keyboard over controllers constantly rages. While Infinite HaloCrossplay can be toggled to only include certain control schemes, it can’t be limited by platform, which means there’s no way to ensure that PC players (and hackers among them) won’t end up in an Xbox lobby.


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In several threads on Reddit Halo community, gamers posted video evidence of aimbot hacks in Infinite Halo and called on developer 343 Industries to make cross-play between consoles and PC optional. User Kanox-HD shared a video showing a player using an aimbot, expressing shock at the appearance of hacks in the game just a week after release. During this time, altburner69 had 343 bring back the series’ classic red reticle when aiming at an enemy, a feature presumably removed to make aimbot hacks less effective. another user, lllXanderllll, pleaded for the option to turn Infinite Halo crossplay off and on, allowing console and PC players to optionally play together without forcing crossplay on everyone else. User MisticK93RUS also advocated for this change, arguing that banned accounts or IP addresses will not solve the problem because the game is free and cheaters can simply create a new account or hide their IP address.

These issues may seem trivial, but they can be taken seriously by 343. Few gamers will see the thrill of learning the ins and outs of Infinite HaloMultiplayer if losing to cheaters is becoming all too common. This issue can severely limit the legitimacy of a game and its ranking system, in addition to making it difficult to collect microtransaction revenue from a playerbase if they stop logging in. Infinite Halo was hugely successful at first, but if cheating and other issues aren’t addressed soon, that could change.

Giving players more options is generally welcomed, especially when an option may force one to face unfair odds. Even before the issue of cheating was publicly raised in Infinite Halo, there was already reason to provide an option to disable crossplay. While it is possible to switch in Ranked Arena, the ability to control input-based matchmaking for controllers and mouse and keyboard configurations is not available in unranked playlists. Halo Infinite Anti-cheat was previously promoted as a bulwark between PC cheaters and Xbox gamers, but its effectiveness has once been questioned.

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Infinite Halo Multiplayer is available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, and it will be fully released on December 8, 2021.

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