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Actress and comedian Ruby Wax hailed the late Alan Rickman as her “protector” in a new interview. Speaking about her late friend who died tragically in 2016, the mental health activist, 68, explained how the Harry Potter star turned her from a “c ** p” actress to a comedian after “mentoring” her during their friendship. .

The duo worked together at the Royal Shakespeare Company and even lived together in Stratford as they forged their acting careers.

Reflecting on the late actor, Ruby hailed him as her “protector” as well as her teacher.

Speaking of Alan, she said, “He was hilarious.

“He was my mentor and he taught me to do comedy.

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“I would say he saved me,” she added.

Ruby continued, “He took an ac ** p actress and then turned her into an actress against all odds.

“He was my protector,” she told MailOnline.

The star went on to call the Harry Potter actor the “most generous man” who has taken many drama school students “under his wing”.

The flaming-haired star previously spoke about how the Sense and Sensibility star “saved” her from her troubled relationship with her parents, as he often defended the comedian from their cruel slurs.

She continued, “Alan Rickman who saved me from my parents, but don’t make me talk about him because I’m going to get mad… I would be left out without him.

“When my parents would come in he would literally stand between us and make them talk and say, she’s not a loser, she’s really talented, he stood up for me for 30 years.”

Wax admitted that he was the first person to notice that she was talented and took it upon himself to give her some acting training.

The star recalled: “He was the first, I think, to say, ‘You have talent. You don’t have it now but I could teach you.” So he taught me for 30 years .


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