How to Do the Amazing “Wizard of Oz” Google Trick


In 2022, internet users have discovered that there are plenty of fun tricks on Google.

The “Gravity” trick blew everyone away, as did the viral “Rollover” trend.

These fun features have entertained netizens for hours, and there’s another one for you to try.

It’s called Google’s “Wizard of Oz” cheat, and we think it’s the best one yet.

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The Wizard of Oz Google Trick

The “Wizard of Oz” trick is a fun little Easter egg hidden on Google that relates to the famous 1939 film.

A pair of Dorothy’s ruby ​​slippers show up on the search engine, and when you click on them, something amazing happens.

Judy Garland’s famous line “There’s no place like home” starts playing and Google starts spinning like the iconic tornado scene.

Then the screen turns sepia and stays that way until you tap the tornado icon which brings up a house.

The screen spins again as the music from the Wizard of Oz music plays until google returns to normal.

Google trick “Wizard of Oz”

How to do

  1. Type “Wizard of Oz Google trick” into Google and hit the first search result (or just click here!)
  2. You will now see a pair of sparkling ruby ​​slippers on the right side.
  3. Click on it and watch the round begin. Make sure your sound is on!
  4. Then tap the tornado to see the end of the trick and return your screen to normal.

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Other tricks to try

The Wizard of Oz trick isn’t Google’s only easter egg. In fact, there are plenty!

If you liked this one, why not try the ‘Gravity’ trick or the ‘Do a barrel roll’ trick.

Other Google cheats include the Thanos Snap game, Zerg Rush, and Google Zipper.


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