How to dress for fall in the heat of summer


Fall is approaching, and that means the return of all our fashion favorites. Coats, scarves, and long pants might be appropriate for later in the season, but what if you want to dress in fall gear while the summer heat lingers? Read on for some tips and tricks.

Autumn colors

Using colors associated with fall is probably the easiest way to seasonally upgrade your wardrobe without sacrificing the lightness of summer clothing. The most common shades include those found in the fall landscape, such as warm browns, burgundy, saffron, mustard yellow and dark green. Jewel tones such as emerald, ruby, amethyst and jade also add a tone as cool as the temperatures should be.

Materials and fabric

In addition to colors, certain materials are often associated with fall. These materials are often tied to varsity-style clothing, but they don’t need to be styled formally. Think tweed, corduroy, leather, suede and faux fur. Lightweight skirts and jackets are a great option for using these fabrics with increased breathability.


Any Bay Area resident knows the importance of layering. Light layers can enhance an ensemble without adding too much weight. Garments such as vests are often associated with a fall aesthetic, and wearing white buttons under dresses or overalls can add an academic, preppy air. To show creativity!


Accessories can make or break an outfit! To add a touch of metaphorical pumpkin spice to your look, try experimenting with college or fall-related items. These include glasses — especially those that are round without rims — leather bags, satin scrunchies, knee-high socks, gold jewelry, and brown leather belts or gloves. Opt for newsboy caps, hair bows, lightweight beanies and thin headbands to really feel the spirit of the season.

Light University

Most people who are into fashion are sure to be familiar with the “dark college” aesthetic. But what about its paler cousin, light academia? According to the Aesthetics Wiki page, while dark college generally involves intense negative topics, light college encompasses lighter sectors of student life, with themes of “ooptimism, sensitivity, joy, gratitude, friendship, motivation and happy ending. The fashion color palette includes white, tan, cream, gold and pastels, with gingham and tweed galore. Using this aesthetic as inspiration can make it possible to study in style while remaining a little cooler.

Dressing up for the school year always helps me stay motivated to finish my schoolwork. Hopefully the weather will soon reach classic Bay Area temperatures in the mid-60s, but until then we just have to improvise. Play around with the previous tips and you’re sure to feel like you’re falling into the spirit of the season.

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