How to Host a White Claw Winter Weekend in Thredbo, According to Our Editor


There is something special about an Australian snow trip. Skiing in weather t-shirt(s)sometimes). Helicopter flights over the Snowy Mountains. Picnics in nature watching the wallabies prance through the snow. Catch some amazing local DJs at the arvo après ski session. Yes, no one takes a ski trip like Australians do.

In honor of our unparalleled Aussie ski season, I did the tough jobs shredding the slopes, sinking the White Claws, playing cricket in the snow and soaring over snow-capped peaks in a helicopter to bring you a chilled and spiced guide to Thredbo.

Nail your aesthetic ski style

If you’ve never been to the snow before, figuring out what to wear can be very stressful. There’s an unspoken dress code as you hit the slopes, it’s like 90s grunge meets 80s retro. Find inspiration in movies like Time travelling machine and Stupid and even dumber.

Where to embrace the art of anear-Ski

your onethe close-ski sessions are just as important as the skiing itself. Whether you’ve just come down from the snow and into a bar, at a concert, or chilling around a bonfire with friends, just arm yourself with a refreshing White Claw and boom – you nail the art of après-ski.

As for the spots in the village for après-ski, the Lounge Bar is a must. This bar features an indoor fireplace for warming up or warming up on the dance floor when the bar hosts guest DJs and musicians.

Alpine Bar tops the list as Thredbo’s best outdoor venue for events and live music in the village. Depending on when you visit, there are usually parties, notable bands, or DJs scheduled for the weekend, so keep up to date with all the news through their social media. Plan your trip for August 13 when KLP takes the stage, Check out White Claw weekend details with KLP here.

The Anear Bar is all in the name. Located at The Denman, you can truly embrace the age-old tradition of après ski by clicking your skis or unclipping your board, take a few steps and a small flight of stairs and voila, you’re there. This bar is known for bartenders who do fancy things with their cocktails, like throwing tricks behind the bar.

Next, the Schuss Bar, a sort of sports bar that meets club. Right from the start, you can come and watch live sports on the big screen before the atmosphere picks up again with DJs or live bands.

Things to do (that are not skiing and boarding)

Of course, you come to the slopes to ski and snowboard, but there are plenty of other activities to fit into your itinerary. A snow trip is about doing things you’ve never done before, like going all-around with a scenic helicopter ride over the Snowy Mountains. From Jindabyne, you’ll fly to a secluded cabin in the woods with a picnic in the wilderness. It’s a bespoke offering, but it looks like the crew of Thredbo can move heaven and earth for anyone willing to embrace those spontaneous “let’s do it” moments, so be sure to hit them.

For something a little different, play cricket in the snow. While it’s usually reserved for the sweltering summer sun, backyard barbecues or the beach, it can be even more fun to play it in the snow.

Make the most of every moment of your vaycay and head up the mountain on a sunrise hike. You won’t even need to get up that early since the sun rises so late in winter. There is plenty to explore around the mountain and plenty of opportunities to spot prancing wallabies in the snow. So cute.

When your legs need a break, lean into those meaningful moments with friends at your cabin. Cook up a feast together and end the evening with a game of cards (we played passionate games of bullshit) while toasting s’mores and cheering White Claws by the fire.

Where to eat

on the mountain

Healthy food does not exist in a ski resort. In the snow hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and s’mores are mandatory. Save the salad for the house. My favorite meal on the mountain was a loaded hot dog and a refreshing mango white claw from Black Salles. Located at the top of the Snowgums chairlift just off the top of the Crackenback Supertrail, you can warm up inside or dine on the patio amid the gum trees.

Friday Flat Bar & Bistro is a classic and conveniently located at the base of the mountain. It also has a large outdoor dining area where you can rest your legs while you greedily devour your lunch and watch the snowboarders and skiers hurtle down the mountain.

Situated 1,937 meters above sea level and offering 270 degree views over the Thredbo Valley is Eagles Nest, said to be Australia’s highest restaurant. If you don’t want to eat like you’re at a 12th birthday party, you can actually get less tasteless delicious meals here.

In the village

Compared to bites in the mountains, you will indeed find some salads and other gourmet options in the village. If you’re feeling a little fancy, make a reservation at Cascades Restaurant. Expect dishes like a cheese pasture board, rump of lamb, halloumi beet salad and even Merimbula oysters. There’s something about having snow oysters that’s so weird and at the same time a huge flex – so be sure to grab this moment for the gram. Cascades also offers a hectic breakfast buffet which I highly recommend.

Now back to the hearty meals, if you’re like me you’ll eat pizza at least once a day and the T-Bar restaurant is one of the best. They are wood-fired, so immediately superior. Besides the pizza, there are baked scallops, calamari, braised lamb and beef with pappardelle, and zucchini, ricotta and mint ravioli.

The local pub will do a quick and dirty take on your favorite pub grub. I opted for the kids cheeseburger and fries which was 10/10 and actually a very big portion. This pub has the largest balcony in Thredbo and is the perfect place for an aperitif. It was too cold for us, so we decided to play a few games of pool armed with a Ruby Grapefruit White Claw inside instead.

Embrace those spontaneous, unforgettable “let’s do it” moments. To try something new like a black run or heliskiing, that’s how you level up and get through the winter White Claw style.

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