Huda Beauty has just relaunched its iconic Liquid Matte lipstick


Evaluation: 7/10

Saffy Altmeyer-Ennis, Conde Nast Events Manager

Shadow: Miss America

Liquid matte lipstick. Three words I’ve never fully understood the hype behind, but then again I’m a girl who likes a bit of gloss. So when the new and improved version of Huda was delivered, I wasn’t sure what to expect. First of all, wow, what a range of shades, it was hard to pick a favorite. Having a newfound love for red lipstick, I decided to try Miss America, an intense red that really packs a punch. The first thing I noticed upon opening it was the smell…the only way I can describe it is malibu and coke, a stark reminder of when I was in college.

The first application proved why the OG of this product was so beloved. The texture is very creamy and quick to apply and glides on slightly which helps with hold. Once dry, my lips felt so soft that I forgot I was even wearing matte lipstick, which is always a pro for me. The only downside is when applying this you have to be very careful because when Huda says it’s streak resistant and lasts 8 hours it really means that (so have some q-tips handy if you you’re a slightly messy applicator like me!).

Evaluation: 8/10

Elle Turner, Beauty Editor of GLAMOR

Shadow: Icon

If you’re a fan of the OG Huda Matte lipsticks, don’t worry, the new generation is as iconic as ever. The updated formula is vegan-friendly, feels lighter than before, and the extra ingredients (like olive oil and vitamin E) make it a little more hydrating.

The pigment is outstanding and the staying power is really impressive, my only downside is that it’s a bit tricky and messy to apply, but it’s worth it as the finish is stunning. Also, when I can’t bother to apply it precisely, I put some in the center of my lips and blend it out for a more diffused look that’s very low maintenance.

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