If your New Year’s resolution is to keep your plants alive, read this


One of the most important tips to remember when trying to keep your indoor potted plants alive is to remember the power of natural sunlight. If your plants are usually kept in a slightly dark corner of your living room, consider moving them to a place where they get direct sunlight. As All Green explains, ensuring your plants get a good dose of sunlight is crucial to ensuring they thrive for a long time. If access to lots of light is impossible, opt for a plant that thrives in less sun, such as leafy snake plants (via ProFlowers).

Another tip when it comes to sunlight is to “walk” your plants outside a bit. According to Purple Care, plants should be placed on a windowsill or left in the garden for a short period of time to get a burst of healthy energy from the sun. Opening your windows more often will also help. Either way, as detailed by A Beautiful Mess, you must first understand your plant’s needs. According to ProFlowers, some flora like peacock plants get “sad leaves” when left in direct light for too long. Two more tips? Plant scientist Christopher Satch told NBC News that even if you don’t know your plant’s light needs, a “failsafe” is still placed near a window, and plants actually need more light. sun as they get bigger, so keep that in mind. , too much!


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