Inside Jennifer Garner’s effortless glamor for the 2022 Oscars, from watercolor blush to homemade snacks


“It’s always a very pleasant and relaxed environment,” says Cho, describing the preparation for the day at Garner’s, with a variety of raw vegetables and snacks. “She made homemade chicken fillets!” When brainstorming the beauty look, the team aligned with a relaxed, modern take on Hollywood glamour. “We’ve reached the sweet spot where it’s neither too done nor too undone,” says Cho. Yoshimoto Bua agrees, citing a common aesthetic for classicism with an edge. It’s this connection and appreciation for Garner as a person that fuels their creative spirit. “We just wanted to bring out her natural beauty,” Yoshimoto Bua says of her collaboration to find the right tone.

Hairstylist Jenny Cho applied a hint of Virtue’s hair oil all the way to the tips for featherweight shine.

By Victoria Stevens.

For the hair, Cho used Garner’s “already gorgeous features” as a starting point for face-framing waves that highlighted the actor’s cheekbones. On top of the towel-dried hair, Cho started by layering a trio of Virtue products (Garner is an ambassador for Virtue and Neutrogena). First, she sprayed Create Volumizing Base from root to tip, followed by Volumizing Mousse “everywhere”, then Correct Polish Anti-Frizz Cream from the middle of the rod to the ends for more softness. “Foundation is super important,” Cho says of the need for a solid foundation to provide lift and movement. After blow-drying and twirling the lengths into the size of a soda can velcro rolls, Cho let everything cool for 15 minutes before unrolling. And, after seasons of center-parted hair, the bombshell side part is back. “We were like, ‘We should just make Jen look sexy,'” Cho laughs, describing Garner’s “old Hollywood classic meets ’90s.” After brushing the curls, she applied some Virtue’s healing oil all the way to the ends for a low maintenance finish. “I didn’t want her to think about her hair too much,” Cho explains. “I said, ‘If it moves, it’s perfect. “”

Garner in one last portrait before hitting the red carpet.

By Victoria Stevens.

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