Is it good television to see spoiled children in the wild?


We’ve all heard of survival shows like I’m A Celebrity… and Survivor, but Netflix’s new reality series Snowflake Mountain takes it to a whole new level – here’s our review.

The series fools a group of lazy, materialistic adults by nature.

Competitors are brought to the middle of nowhere with no wifi or electricity.

There they must learn to survive on their own, rather than relying on mom and dad’s bank!

But was bringing a group of spoiled kidults into the desert really a good idea?

Here’s what we really think in our honest review…

The cast of Snowflake Mountain includes ‘Queen of Chaos’ Deandra (Credit: Netflix)

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What is Snowflake Mountain on Netflix?

Snowflake Mountain sends a bunch of rich, bratty kids out into the wild.

The reality show tells 10 whiny millennials they’re going to a luxury resort in the Lake District.

Only they are not…

They’re actually heading to a brutal survival bootcamp in the desert.

The bratty contestants were sent by their parents to teach them to toughen up and stand on their own two feet.

Snowflake Mountain review: Who’s in the cast?

As the 20-year-old line-up rolls around, you learn that they’re even more spoiled and empowered than you can imagine.

The cast includes Randy, a medical dropout, who dreams of becoming a professional wrestler.

He is nicknamed: “The white collar, billionaire, big-baller, candle-brawler.”

Yes, you read that right.

Joining Randy is Solomon, 26, who describes himself as “funemployed”.

Which basically means he eats takeout every day and spends over $500 on his grooming regimen!

Just. Wow.

Also in the line-up is Deandra.

She calls herself the “Queen of Chaos” because she has been fired from every job she has held.

Millennials in tears on Snowflake Mountain
The millennial group were in tears after seeing their luggage explode (Credit: Netflix)

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What are the challenges of Netflix reality TV?

Before the challenges even started, the contestants were already starting to complain and moan.

The group was given the simple task of marching to their camp…

But, after only a few steps, the competitors were already beginning to struggle.

Even walking was a challenge for these competitors.

One contestant even confessed that he had never climbed a hill before.

Naval Officer Joel Graves commented, “When we first decided how to get them into camp, it wasn’t really a challenge in my head.

“But after meeting them, I’m a little worried.”

Snowflake Mountain Review: Blowing Their Baggage Went Too Far

Once the competitors reached their camp, the Army Officers awaited them with a “big surprise.”

The officers put all their luggage in a heap in the middle of the forest and blew it up.

Suddenly – quite understandably perhaps – there were heartbreaking tears and sobs as they watched their pile of Louis Vuitton suitcases and designer clothes explode before their eyes.

Laughing among themselves, the army officers explained, “We blow up their business for several reasons…

“To teach them a lesson in adapting and overcoming.

“And simply because we want to.”

But was that a step too far?

While I’m feeling the feeling, I too would have felt the same if I had seen my personal baggage turn to ashes.

One viewer even tweeted, “Sorry but if you told those kids they were going to a five star hotel they would have packed all their favorite clothes and designer stuff.

“And you blow it up. I would be livid. A step too far.

Snowflake Mountain on Netflix
Netflix describes Snowflake Mountain as a “funny and warm reality show” (Credit: Netflix)

Who left Snowflake Mountain?

A contestant leaves the Netflix show within the first five minutes.

After only a short time in the experiment, one contestant decided they had enough.

Olivia, 25, decided it was time for her to move on.

Even though the challenges so far had only been walking and losing their luggage.

She said: “I’m so happy to have come here and seen it all, but I don’t think I can go on.

“So I think I’ll go home.”

In the words of army officers: “typical snowflake”.

NOT ALL millennials are so spoiled

While the show may be fun to watch for some, other viewers have already expressed their displeasure with the way millennials are portrayed on the show.

Some viewers took to Twitter to clarify that not all 20-somethings are this spoiled and lazy.

One viewer wrote, “I am a millennial.

“Snowflake Mountain on Netflix sounds hilarious.

“But I will fight you if you really believe millennials are lazy/entitled.”

Another said, “I feel like the cast of Snowflake Mountain are all paid actors.

“No 24/25 year old acts like that.”

Snowflake Mountain is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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