Kate Middleton skin care hack: Duchess uses affordable item every night for glowing skin


The Duchess of Cambridge usually goes for very natural makeup that is flawless and with glowing skin. But what is his secret ?

Kate’s makeup artist Arabella Preston explained that it’s actually the best way to remove makeup and dirt at the end of the day.

Washcloths gently cleanse your skin but also exfoliate it.

Instead of using a cleanser or cream, using a facial flannel is much more beneficial for the skin.

Using the beauty item will exfoliate the pores, reducing the risk of rashes.


Skincare expert Caroline Hirons explained, “Flannels make your skin CLEAN.

“Think about your parents: how did they wash you when you were a child?

“They used a flannel.

“They’re more consistent than wipes or muslin, are much more effective at removing dirt, and also help exfoliate the skin.”

Fitness expert Sarah Campus explained: “As a busy mom, I would suggest that the Duchess probably follow a very simple nutritional plan, consisting of a smoothie for breakfast, followed by protein and veg with carbohydrates for lunch and the like for dinner.

“She follows a diet rich in antioxidants to keep her active throughout the day.”

But the Duchess has other beauty tips like rosehip oil, which she used during her pregnancies to prevent stretch marks, according to Hello!

Kate was also spotted at Wimbledon using moisturizing lip gloss to keep her lips shiny and hydrated.


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